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Thankful Thursday – You Tube!

You Tube might be a bit of an odd thing to be thankful for, but I really am. I have instant access to music that I love that brings back memories, makes me dance, makes me cry & inspires. I have access to really funny videos that are always good for a laugh. The boys love You Tube too. They love to watch OK GO videos, especially the Rube Goldberg machine one & the treadmill one. If they have a question about something or want to see an example of something, I can find a video for them. They love to watch Rube Goldberg machines & domino creations. It’s inspiring for them.

I know there is lots of rubbish on there as well, so beware & be careful, but there’s heaps of good stuff too.

It seems a small thing, but it’s the small things that often make a big impact.

In honour of You Tube, here’s our two favourite OK GO videos…

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Thankful Thursday – October 27, 2011

It’s been a bit of a rough day. Nothing earth shattering, but enough to mess up my plans & throw me off my game. The joys of modern conveniences, when something goes wrong, we realise how much we rely on them.

Today I am thankful for these modern marvels. They work most of the time & make life so easy in so many ways. Vehicles, computers, cell phones, the interwebs. When used with wisdom, they make my life better, give me more time for things that really matter & help me build relationships with people near & far.

And then, there’s Autumn & these fellas, more thankful than I can possibly express…