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Challenge #2 Hairstyle #3

So I had hoped to do something more creative with my hair today, however, I ended up driving my husband to work & had to rush out. This hairstyle isn’t particularly creative, but it’s better than nothing!

Hairstyle #3 Front

Hairstyle #3 Back - Jude wanted to get a picture of his "back hair" too.


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Challenge #2 Hairstyle #1

Started my 14 days of hair styles today. I decided to go for out of the shower, air-dried, totally down hair today. I forgot to mention that the toughest part about this challenge will be keeping my hair in the same style all day. I’m so ready to put it up and out of the way.

This is me doing nothing to my hair.

My hair has gotten long!

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Challenge #2 Creative Hair for 14 Days

I haven’t had a haircut since well before my second son was born more than 18 months ago. I mostly just wear it up to keep it out of the way. It’s gotten really long & I am starting to get the new hair style itch. However, before that, I am challenging myself to wear my hair differently every day for 14 days. Hopefully it will help get me out of this rut & ready for a new style. I will post photos of each style.