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Couch to 5K – Week 5

Wow! I made it through week 5, I’ve officially gone further in the program now than in my previous two attempts. I quit after day 2 of Week 5 last time due to illness. It’s a bit ironic, but I’ve been really ill again this time. I have a sore throat that just isn’t budging with pain in my ears & a bit of a cough. I powered through though & I am so glad I did. On day 3, I ran for twenty minutes in a row without stopping. I wasn’t sure if my legs or my lungs were going to give out first! It is an amazing thing, though, that after a certain distance, you start to get a second wind or something. It was still tough, but I felt like I was going to make it.

Here’s what the program looked like this week:

Day 1:
Walk – 5 minutes
Run – 5 minutes
Walk – 3 minutes
Run – 5 minutes
Walk – 3 minutes
Run – 5 minutes

Total Walk: 11 minutes + whatever it took to get home
Total Run: 15 minutes

Day 2:
Walk – 5 minutes
Run – 8 minutes
Walk – 5 minutes
Run – 8 minutes

Total Walk: 10 minutes + whatever it took to get home
Total Run: 16 minutes

Day 3:
Walk – 5 minutes
Run – 20 minutes

Total Walk: 5 minutes + whatever it took to get home
Total Run: 20 minutes

It seemed a bit strange for there to be such a big jump in the time running without a break, but it worked. I think it’s actually more difficult in some ways to do the start & stop thing with running. Once you have the momentum, it’s hard to stop & walk & then get going again. It’s similar next week, but with longer times so we shall see! I’m praying for health. I’ve been trying to get more sleep this weekend as that seems to be my weak point. Bring on Week 6!

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Less Than a Month to Go & Thinking Artistically

I’ve made it over two months without buying anything that wasn’t a household necessity, plus a few things for Zane’s upcoming birthday. It’s been tough at times, but mostly it’s kind of a relief. Knowing that I’m just not allowed to buy stuff eliminates guilt & worry about whether I really need something. I do have my list of things that I will buy when I’m allowed again. I am definitely more mindful. Looking forward to making it through the next month & seeing if I have actually changed.

In other news, I have cracked open my sketchbook & it is good. Since the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge, I have made it a point to open my sketchbook everyday & either draw something or make plans & notes for future art projects. I haven’t seriously considered doing anything like an actual art piece for a long time. I’m having ideas for sculptures, paintings, graphic art. It’s exciting for me. My next challenge will be to actually create these things that I am thinking about. It’s daunting, but I am thrilled to be in this mode again.

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How's the Weather Up There?

This is the debut of another pair of shoes that I haven’t worn before. I got them before my buying fast, but haven’t worn them yet. They are pretty darn fabulous. It’s a different world 5 inches higher up! They are actually comfortable although a bit heavy. I wore them all day & at the end of it, I had apparently pulled a little tendon or something in the back of my foot from hauling these babies around! Guess I need to build up my wooden heel wearing muscles.






Shirt: Ross
Shorts: Walmart
Shoes: Penny Loves Kenny
Earrings: Forver 21

Hope you have a fabulous day! I’m just trying to keep cool, ditch this Summer cold, complete the Couch to 5K program, stay creative & not think too much about Fall!

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Couch to 5K – Week 4

Wow, it was a tough week. I was sick every time I went out this week. Mostly a head cold, but it did get down into my chest a bit. It definitely made it difficult, both physically & mentally. I pushed through though & I’m so glad that I did. I’m now running more than I am walking. From here on out the running definitely takes precedence over the walking & there are fewer walking breaks.

I’m feeling a lot better, but still not as well as I’d like to be. Praying that I continue to get good rest – the best medicine. I’m still not having any knee pain! Woohoo! I get a bit of pain in my left heel though – not while I’m running, but during the day after I’ve run. Strange. I don’t have great feet so it’s probably just par for the course.

For more information on the Couch to 5K program, click here.


Brown Around Town

I love this top! I got it at Ross years ago & it’s definitely vintage-inspired. Super comfortable too. I don’t wear a lot of brown, but I couldn’t resist the colour combo & the great pattern. It’s nice to have something to wear my only pair of brown shoes with too.





Top: Ross
Jeans: Ross
Shoes: Ross