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Fashion on Friday – Easter Edition

We got to spend the Easter holiday with my sister and her family in Tacoma, Washington. We used the Spring Break time to go to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle – riding public transportation which is one of the boys favorite things. Colin took them to the Tacoma Children’s Museum one day while my sister and I had a day out shopping – he’s a great husband and Daddy!

My sister’s church had services on Saturday and Sunday. We attended as a family on Saturday evening so that my Mom and I could work on the Easter Feast on Sunday morning while my sister and her husband could do the singing and sound engineering thing at church. This meant that I got to wear two Easter outfits! Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Both of my Easter outfits were brought to you this year by eShakti. I love this place/online store. I could just sing their praises. They have super cute clothes in so many sizes and they have the option to completely customize to your own measurements. I bought two dresses and because of a promotion they were having and an additional promo code I got from blogger Pieces of My Earth – I got both dresses with customization for less than the price of one dress originally. I will say to drop at least one inch on your measurements as they do tend to run a bit big.

On to the looks.

Saturday night…

March 2013 684

This dress is so comfortable and has a retro vibe. Very easy to wear and did I mention comfortable? Oh, and it was a gorgeous, Spring day.

March 2013 707March 2013 692March 2013 708

I jazzed it up with some coral tights and for both my Saturday and Sunday outfits I wanted bows in my hair. I looked around in stores and couldn’t find what I was looking for so I raided my sister’s ribbon stash, found an easy tutorial online and whipped myself up a couple of bows.

March 2013 700March 2013 696

My ring is a cheap plastic thing, but I love it. Colin got creative taking pictures.

March 2013 717

Sparkly crystal earrings to match my ring.

Outfit Details: Dress – eShakti, Tights – Forever 21, Ring and Earrings – ?, Shoes – Blowfish, bow – Made by Me.

On to Sunday…

March 2013 785

This dress! There’s not just a retro vibe with this dress – it’s full on retro. The pattern is amazing. This dress is also very comfortable – I suppose that comes from having a dress made to measure.

March 2013 795March 2013 791


March 2013 793

My homemade bow.

March 2013 745

Jude and I kind of rocked in the shoe department.

March 2013 796March 2013 787Outfit Details: Dress – eShakti, Cardigan – Ross, Ring and Earrings – ?, bow – Made by Me, Shoes – Ross

There are so many reasons I love Easter – the first and foremost being Jesus – thank You! Other reasons include Spring, Easter egg hunts, Cadbury Mini Eggs, family, and Easter outfits!

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Tasty Tuesday – Easter Feast

My family usually plans at least one great, celebratory meal when we get together. Between my Mom, my Sister and me, we come up with a menu and divvy it up. This year for Easter, my Mom found some amazing recipes and we had so much fun putting this meal together.

March 2013 653March 2013 810Grandma and the boys had a great time making and decorating cupcakes and sugar cookies.

March 2013 648Zane may have enjoyed the cookie making more than the others!

March 2013 811Our Easter table.

March 2013 744I made Scotch Eggs. I’ve only seen Scotch Eggs one time in the States. In an English pub and they were asking $9! So glad to find this very simple recipe. Instead of frying them, I baked them at 325F for 30 minutes – even better! They were so yummy and I can satisfy my craving for this UK food. They may be almost too easy to make. The Pickled Eggs and Beets that my Mom made were so good. They were a nice counterpoint to the saltier foods we had – I loved them with the ham.

March 2013 809My Mom also made Artichoke and Egg Dip. It was lovely – would be great for a party!

March 2013 812The Asparagus and Ham Stuffed Potatoes were amazing. Just amazing.

March 2013 813March 2013 814There was also ham and super greens salad from Costco.

March 2013 742My sister works at a bakery and they made some amazing hot cross buns which are one of my favorite Easter traditions. So good!

March 2013 815Here’s to good food, celebrations and time with family!

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Make It Monday – Colored Pasta

This is a super fun, super easy DIY. My kids love it. (So do I!)

We keep jars of colored pasta on hand at home for when crafty inspiration strikes. The boys use it to make necklaces and pictures.

The process is so easy.

What you need:

  • Dry pasta – any shape or size. Tubes are good for making jewelry.
  • Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.
  • Food coloring.
  • Paper towels
  • Cookie sheets.
  • Ziplock bags.

All you need to do is add some dry pasta to a ziplock bag along with a few squirts or splashes of either rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer and several drops of food coloring. Seal the bag and agitate enough to get color on all the pasta. You can blend colors, add more or less for deeper or lighter color.

March 2013 033March 2013 035

Next, tip the pasta out on cookie sheets covered in paper towels and allow to dry.

March 2013 038

That’s it, you’re done. Ready for crafting fun.

This process also works great for dry, white rice. I did a bunch of colors in rice and kept it in a sealed tub when my boys were younger, it was great for sensory play (for kids and adults, alike!)