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Words on Wednesday – Busy, busy, busy…

Not much on the blog this week. Just crazy busy, I’ll be back at it next week.

I mostly wanted to share the image below, because I almost chose it as my Halloween costume and it’s a pretty clear picture of my life this week.

I don’t know who to credit the image to. I think I saw it on Facebook or Pinterest. I applaud whoever came up with it though!

For reals, if you have a PTA or PTO or PTSA or booster club or anything of the sort at your child’s school – support them! You don’t have to go all out, but volunteer, give, encourage. These parents are giving a lot in time, money and talent to make schools better, not only for their own kids, but for all the kids at school.

I love being a part of the PTA and wouldn’t change it, it’s amazing. It’s also a lot of hard work. Here’s to a busy, busy, busy week.

PTA Costume

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Fashion on Friday – October 17, 2014

Another eShakti dress. It’s so comfortable and fun to wear. It’s lined with a cotton lining which will be great for summer. The pattern is quite Fall-like, but the color is light and bright which makes it another great transitional dress. It was raining the day I wore this which is a bit unusual around these parts and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

October 2014 159 (2) October 2014 157 (2)I wore a hat all day! I love hats, but they’re not always easy to wear all day. This hat was super comfy on a cool day. My other issue with hats is just that it can sometimes feel a bit costumey to wear a hat. I try not to let what other people will think affect my choices too much though so I hope to wear more hats this Fall and Winter. October 2014 163 (2) October 2014 162 (2) October 2014 160 (2)

I wore one of my favorite vintage owl necklaces – he’s articulated so he moves a bit. I always feel like I have to add a disclaimer when I talk about my love of owls – I loved owls before it was cool to love owls! This was a necklace I picked up in a thrift store years ago. I shall not let the popularity of owls dissuade me of my love for them!

Outfit Details: Dress – eShakti, Cardigan – Ross, Hat – Target, Necklace – Thrifted, Boots – Ross

October 2014 143 (2) October 2014 145 (2) October 2014 146

I’d like to talk about heels. I love shoes. I love all the wonderful varieties of shoes that exist. I love heels. I also have a closet full of shoes, particularly heels that I love, that I never wear. Some people can wear heels for long periods of time and not suffer too much. I am not one of those people. I do have some heels that I can wear all day as long as I’m not on my feet all day. In the interest of simplifying, I am going to try to wear every pair of shoes in my closet and if I can wear them all day and I love them, I will keep them. If I can’t, then they will be passed on to someone who will hopefully love them and wear them. I’ll have a few exceptions for shoes that I am willing to suffer wearing for special occasions, but they have to especially special. October 2014 150 (2)

These shoes – I’ve had good luck with wedges so I had high hopes for these shoes that I picked up at Goodwill. They’re denim as well which I thought would be great to be sort of casual, but still be well-heeled. I didn’t have too much walking to do on the day I wore these, but I did work at the school for a bit. Sadly, these lovely shoes will be making an exit from my closet. They just weren’t comfortable enough and when I went to pick the boys up from school at the end of the day, I was not wearing them. They’re so cute though!October 2014 155 October 2014 149 (2)

So if I’m not going to wear these heels, I’ll at least keep my very long earrings! I felt like I was wearing a necklace, they’re so long.

Outfit Details: Dress – Lane Bryant, Cardigan – Target, Jeans – Torrid, Earrings – Forever 21, Shoes – Qupid via Goodwill


Tasty Tuesday – Falafel

When I lived in London, on Sundays after church, my friends and I had a few places that were favorites to go for lunch. Going underneath the Thames through the Greenwich Tunnel to Greenwich for noodles at a noodle house or nachos at the Tex Mex place were near the top of the list. I think the place we went most often, though, was Old Spitalfields Market. When I was living in Bethnal Green, it wasn’t quite as cool and trendy as it is now, but there were definitely great places to go. Old Spitalfields Market was such a great place to browse – they had/have market stalls that feature local artisans and crafts people as well vintage goods and antiques, clothes and a wonderful assortment of really random stuff. My husband and I actually had a couple of local jewelry designers who had a stall at Spitalfields make my wedding ring.

oldmarketuse2 OX068374_942longThe other great thing about Spitalfields was the great food vendors. Kebabs, curries, noodles, Eastern European and of course, falafel. It was one of my absolute favorites. All that to say, I was craving some falafel recently. So I thought I would give it a go and see if I could make my own. I was a bit intimidated because I thought it was more complicated than it actually is.

It’s super easy! Who knew?

I was originally going to try baking it and I used this recipe as my inspiration. I ended up just frying it in a fry pan using a bit of cooking spray so it wasn’t deep-fried.

Basically, in a food processor, you mix together some garbanzo beans (chick peas), a bit of flour, some spices, fresh herbs, lemon juice and ta da – you have falafel. I made little patties, fried them for a bit and we were ready to go.

October 2014 141 October 2014 142 October 2014 143I made some cucumber sauce to go with it by blending some cucumber, greek yogurt, dill, lemon juice, salt and pepper. I didn’t actually measure anything for the sauce – just made it to taste.

October 2014 150 October 2014 148I served the falafel with pita bread, a cucumber/tomato salad (I used the cucumber sauce as a dressing), lettuce, goat cheese and green onion. Let me tell you, my falafel craving has been satisfied! It was so good, if I do say so myself.

October 2014 147 October 2014 153 October 2014 149 October 2014 152 October 2014 156I love how tastes are so tied up with memories and how food can take you back to places you’ve been and even transport you to places you’ve never been to. And I also have to say, as I was thinking back to London, looking at some of my photos, I really miss it. I think it’s good to miss things though – it means that place, that person, that time was good. Right now, I’m where I’m supposed to be, but I am so thankful for my years in London and I can’t wait to take my boys there.

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Fashion on Friday – October 10, 2014 (AKA: If Ninjas Attack…)

It got hot again! The nerve. Thankfully, it still cools way down at night. I think we’re heading toward consistent cooler weather from here on out now, though this is Central Oregon, so you never know!

We have an outdoor chalkboard that we made for the boys a few years back. One of the best investments we ever made and to be honest, it didn’t cost much at all. It has consistently been used over the years. It’s also been one of my backdrops for outfit photos.

Anyway, I can see it from the kitchen window and I looked out the other day and saw this lovely drawing and something about ninjas. It took some deciphering, but we finally figured out what the entire message that my lovely older son had written. “If ninjas attack us, I’ll use you as a shield.” So much love.

October 2014 231 October 2014 234 October 2014 221 October 2014 219 October 2014 223 October 2014 227 October 2014 238October 2014 236October 2014 230I engaged in a bit of pattern mixing. Of course, you can always consider leopard print a neutral – right?

Outfit Details: Kimono – Torrid, Cami – Torrid, Jeans – Ross, Shoes – Liz Claiborne (thrifted), Necklace – Vintage (gift from my lovely sister), Ring – Vintage earring converted to ring (made by me)

October 2014 014 October 2014 011 (2) October 2014 012 (2) October 2014 015 (2)October 2014 017The silhouette of this outfit felt a wee bit twee, which I don’t really mind, but I like the twist that the print of this dress brings to the outfit – outer space, man! Then there is the fact that I have pegasuses, pegasi, more than one pegasus – flying around my neck! Maybe there isn’t a plural since Pegasus is actually the name of a flying horse. So I guess I have a bunch of flying horses flying around my neck! How wonderful is that?! It’s pretty wonderful.

Outfit Details: Dress – Forever 21, Cardigan – Ross, Shoes – Payless, Necklace – H&M, Earrings – ?

Here’s to the joy of getting dressed!





Words on Wednesday – Unexpected Friendships

I’m an introvert. It’s not particularly easy for me to socialize and make small talk and get to know people. I am also reserved and a bit guarded when it comes to people. There is a lot to say about introvertedness – it’s not shyness, it’s not about not liking people, it’s not about thinking that you are better than other people – all common misconceptions. I have lots to say about being an introvert, but that is for another time. This is about friendship and I am talking about it from my perspective.

I believe, and for me it was true, that it was so much easier to make friends when I was younger. I was in school or youth group, later in college and YWAM, as a single person sharing accommodation with other single people – I was with people a lot and relationships naturally formed out of those shared experiences, the tremendous amount of time that was spent together, our common schedules and to be honest, our more carefree lifestyles. Then, something happened, I got married, we moved (a lot), we started to have more responsibility. Then, the unthinkable happened (at least for us!), we had a child, then we had another one! Our priorities shifted, our schedule become much less flexible and we were just so tired all the time.

I believe that regardless of marital status or whether you have kids, as you mature, you become more focused through employment, education, ministry or interests. You have less free time to spend developing relationships. You and your friends, or your would-be friends, have different schedules, you get busy and that’s ok. Still relationships are important and as adults, it simply takes more intentionality and effort.

My husband and I would often get frustrated and still do, that it does seem to take so much work to develop and maintain friendships. We try to have dinner with another family and it’s a month out before we can find a time when all our schedules match up for a few hours. There are definitely ways to nurture those relationships along the way though – phone calls, texts, email, Facebook, or gasp, a hand-written note!

I digress, though. I want to talk about unexpected friendships. Having kids, while it has limited our time and energy in some ways, has opened up the doors to relationships with people I wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise. I would highly recommend joining a parent’s of preschoolers group if you have little kids – it was a lifeline for me. A place to connect with people who were experiencing the same things I was experiencing. It also connected me to friends who have become so dear to me.

There have been people in my life who I thought I would connect with – they were similar to me, or who just seemed like we would hit it off. Many of those people aren’t my friends – they might be acquaintances now, but they aren’t my deep connections.

April 2014 152

There was a girl in my moms group who intimidated me. Long blonde hair, beautiful, always impeccably dressed, and I didn’t think she liked me at all. I didn’t have much of a basis for this assumption, other than we seemed so different and we had never talked. One day, we were making pizzas in an assembly line type situation – I cracked a joke, she laughed. My perception of her shifted a bit. A couple of weeks later, we were at a leadership dinner and happened to be sitting across from each other. We talked. That was it, we talked and my life was changed. We discovered so much that we had in common. We both had sons starting kindergarten soon – we shared our hopes and fears. She is funny and spiritual without being weird. She is wise and thinks deeply and extensively about issues. We spent the morning commiserating at the park, the day our sons started kindergarten. We also spent the morning together when our second children started kindergarten – though, this time we threw in breakfast and  “mourning” drinks. She also throws great parties! Our friendship has grown over the years and it is a treasure to me.


Tracy has inspired me in so many ways. Easter Brunch at a friend’s house with all our families this last year resulted in me joining a Pole, Pedal, Paddle team – an experience that was scary and exhilarating and amazing. She encourages me, she listens when I am frustrated, she cries with me and doesn’t judge my easy tears. She challenges me to do better, to be a better friend, parent, person. And I came so close to missing that relationship. That’s a scary thought!


While we share a lot of passions and interests, we are still quite different. I love that I have friends who challenge my worldview, my sometimes narrow ways of doing and seeing. That, too, is a gift of friendship.

April 2014 146

So, as I look around my world, I am more open to people. Not everyone is going to be a close friend, but I sure don’t want to miss out on a relationship because it comes wrapped in a package of unfamiliarity or difference.


I am eternally thankful for my friendship with a beautiful, blonde lady who shared a joke, then a conversation and now a journey with me. I love you Tracy! (Tracy is also an amazing writer – check her out over at Dripping Orange)



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Tasty Tuesday – Cauliflower Fried Rice

This is one of my favorite, fairly recent finds. I’ve made it enough times now that I no longer use a recipe and I’ve adapted it so that it’s quick and easy, using whatever I happen to have in my fridge at the time.

October 2014 012

To start, I use any suitable vegetables I happen to have on hand – in this case, I used carrots and onions, but you can use bell peppers, zucchini (courgettes), cabbage, celery – pretty much whatever takes your fancy. I put a bit of coconut oil and sesame oil in a wok and get the vegetables softening and caramelizing. While that’s happening I take some cauliflower and put it through the grater option on my food processor – just enough to “rice” it.

October 2014 013

Once the vegetables are softened, I add the cauliflower to the wok. Then I start with flavors – again, you can throw in anything you have on hand. I tend to use soy sauce, some fish sauce and sometimes a bit of hoisin sauce if I want it a bit sweeter. Mix it all together, cook over medium high heat until the cauliflower has soaked up all the flavors and become tender and you’re done! Easy peasy!

October 2014 011

I served it here with some tilapia. So tasty and good for you.

October 2014 010

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Fashion on Friday – October 3, 2014

Glory! It’s Autumn! My birthday usually “falls” on the first day of Fall. Sadly this year, it was the day after my birthday. Still, it’s Fall! The mornings are crisp and cool, the leaves are changing, and, of course, the style choices have increased! I’m going to ignore the fact that temperatures will be nearly 80F this week.

September 2014 149I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love of the company eShakti before. They make gorgeous clothes with custom fit and styling options at a reasonable price (keep an eye out for promotions and sales to get the best deal). This dress is a lovely summer dress that can transition to cooler temps with the addition of a jacket or cardigan. It’s got a whimsical hot air balloon print which I love. Did I mention that most eShakti dresses come with pockets? The true glory of a great dress.

September 2014 147You can customize eShakti garments to your own measurements as well as changing details such as length, type of sleeve, neckline and even removing pockets (why is that an option?!) for a minimal fee. I think I had this dress shortened.

September 2014 152 September 2014 151 September 2014 150Love these sunglasses!

September 2014 146Outfit Details: Dress – eShakti, Belt – Torrid, Shoes – Ross, Ring – Old Navy, Sunglasses – Forever 21, Headband – Ross

I wore a jacket! I’ve had this jacket for years – lightweight cotton, three-quarter sleeves – a great transitional piece, and a fun retro vibe.

October 2014 015Another of my favorite places to get clothes from is ASOS. That’s where this dress came from. Again, it’s a lightweight summery dress that can transition well to a new season. I paired it with skinny capris and wedge sandals. A super comfortable, easy to wear outfit.

October 2014 016 October 2014 018 October 2014 019 October 2014 027This is one of the rings that I made out of vintage earrings. I love the detail and design of vintage jewelry – it’s great to find ways to bring it to my modern world.

Outfit Details: Dress (Alice & You) – ASOS, Jeans – Torrid, Shoes – Payless Shoes, Jacket – Ross

Feeling thankful for cooler days, for fun clothes, for the freedom to express myself through fashion!


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Thankful Thursday – School

I am so thankful for education. I was looking after a wee baby in the nursery on Sunday and I was, once again, blown away by what strange creatures we humans are. We are so helpless as babies and even as children. Simple, basic things and we can’t handle them on our own – eating, clothing, moving around, sitting up! And yet, there is so much potential there. Who knows what that baby I held while he slept will become, what changes he will make in the world, in his world.

To get there, to unlock that potential it takes education. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual education. Parents and families are the first teachers – teaching the basics of survival and mobility and communication. Then there are friends and the wider community. Eventually after the basics are mostly mastered, it’s time for something more – reading, writing and arithmetic (and science, and history, and social studies, and art, and music…)

There are so many ways to educate children – homeschooling, public school, private school, unschooling. What works for one child or one family won’t necessarily be what works for another family. I don’t claim that any one method is better than another. I believe in the one year at a time, one child at a time method. In my own educational experience as a child and teenager, I experienced them all. Private Christian school, public school, homeschooling/unschooling, all-girls Catholic school. At each stage of my development, they were the right choices – whether by choice or necessity. It’s important to remember that sometimes, you may want one option for your child, but it simply may not be practical or possible. There will always be positive things about where your child is at, build on that.

Anyway, my children are in public school. This is our choice. I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but I am so thankful for our school. I love the teachers and the staff, I love the facility, I love the kids and families. Our school doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, we don’t have a lot of money or fancy programs, but we have a great community that’s getting better all the time. My kids are learning everyday – not only their school subjects, but they are learning about other cultures, other ways of doing things, how to get along, how to care, how to be respectful.

At the same time, we can’t expect our schools to do it all. Families are where it all comes together. If there are things that your kids still need to learn, teach them at home. If there are areas of interest that aren’t being addressed at school, explore them as a family.

Most of all, support other families in their choices. If you choose homeschooling, that doesn’t mean that public school is wrong or deficient. If you choose public school, that doesn’t mean that people who homeschool are weird.

For me, I am so thankful for our school and I’m thankful for the opportunities that we have as a family to learn and grow together at home.

We don't have a lot of bells and whistles, but apparently we teach levitation!

We don’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but apparently we teach levitation!


Words on Wednesday – I’m Back…

Blogging is a funny thing. It’s a good thing, but it’s kind of strange. Blogging has turned into a career for many people, it has garnered international attention and bloggers are seen as a force to be reckoned with. Companies seek blogger’s opinions, endorsements and appearances. I think this is all great and definitely opening up the world to differing viewpoints, points of connection and dialog. For me, this has been a bit intimidating of late. There are so many voices, saying truly profound and meaningful things. There are bloggers posting amazing handmade crafts and gorgeous people showing such talent in putting interesting and innovative outfits together. Where do I fit in?

Blogging for me is a creative outlet, a place for me to share my thoughts, my outfits, my crafts. I definitely want to connect with people, otherwise I’m shouting into a vacuum. I am stepping back into the blogging world with joy and trepidation.

I hope my friends and family will stop by my blog and check out what is there. I hope to connect with other fashiony, crafty, wordy people. I hope to learn new skills both technically and creatively.

My boys are both in school now (sigh) so my schedule is a bit freer to explore some creative things. I need to keep my mind and creative energy engaged. And don’t ever let anyone tell you that blogging is easy – time, effort, thought and action. I’m excited to be back at it. I’m also disciplining myself to take time each week to write. I love to write, but if I don’t set the time aside it doesn’t happen.

Here’s to crafting, creating, style and sharing the journey!

I wanted to blog, but I got buried!

I wanted to blog, but I got buried!