Challenge #3 Italian Nachos – Johnny Carinos Copycat

My favourite dish at Johnny Carinos is their Italian Nachos. Love it. Since it’s still blustery & cold, my Mom & I decided to make these nachos instead of more traditional Memorial Day fare. I found this recipe online & used it. It was surprisingly simple & the results were wonderful! It is rich & … More Challenge #3 Italian Nachos – Johnny Carinos Copycat


I Feel Good!

You know how there are some things that just make you feel good? The outfit I wore yesterday is one of those things. I’ve had the dress for years – thrifted sometime, somewhere. I love the colours & the pattern & the fit – it’s made of super comfortable cotton. I shortened it at some point … More I Feel Good!

Highland Feathers

I’ve been busy the past few days organizing! Shocking I know. Seems like I’m always working on some get tidy project. I’ve come to realize, sadly, that it’s never a one-off event. Life, kids, stuff happens & the organized spaces of our lives get jumbled again. I can deal with that. One of my motivations … More Highland Feathers

I Like Rain

I really do. I don’t like uninterrupted rain for weeks on end, but I do love rain. I’ve lived in tropical countries where the thunderstorms are in intense, fast & sometimes scary. I lived in London where it was sometimes drizzily & would last all day. I lived for a time in Tacoma, Washington – again … More I Like Rain

Perfect Park Day

Bright sun, not too hot, not too cold, gentle breeze. All these things meant we just had to go to the park. Jude rode his scooter part of the way, but mostly it was me pulling the wagon with both boys in it. Let me tell you, 70+ pounds of boy is a lot to … More Perfect Park Day