Highland Feathers

I’ve been busy the past few days organizing! Shocking I know. Seems like I’m always working on some get tidy project. I’ve come to realize, sadly, that it’s never a one-off event. Life, kids, stuff happens & the organized spaces of our lives get jumbled again. I can deal with that. One of my motivations for what I’ve been working on lately has been the upcoming 30 Days of Creativity that I am taking part in. It begins on June 1st & entails creating something everyday for 30 days. I am very excited about it. I really needed to get my yarn, thread, pens, pencils, beads, paints & other art/craft supplies in order so that I can create without stressing about finding stuff. That being said, my house has been a mess for the past few days as I get everything out & dump it on the living room floor & sort through it. It’s actually been really inspiring – I’ve got lots of ideas. Hopefully I have at least 30 of them.

It’s rainy here today. That’s ok – more time indoors to get things tidy. I’m wearing a super casual outfit & it’s very comfy. I pinned my top with a Scottish clan pin that I got at a yard sale years ago. That put me in a Scottish frame of mind so I wore my tartan flats. And for some reason, the tartan made me want to wear feathers!

I received this ring for free! It came from Anika Burke Eclectic Boutique. It was a free giveaway via one of my favourite style blogs, Coffee & A Cardigan. I love free stuff & the ring is super fun. I’ll definitely be checking out more of the stuff at Anika Burke when my spending fast ends.

Shrug: Ross
Dress: Old Navy
Jeans: 2BWY
Shoes: Torrid
Ring: Anika Burke
Earrings: ?
Pin: Yard Sale
Headband: H&M


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