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Photo Challenge 2017 – Week 11: Landscape, Reflection

I had an idea I wanted to try this week, I feel I was moderately successful. It was hard to get the angle I wanted on a full landscape, so I got more of a treescape. I like the effect though and will be trying this more. I love reflections and I really love reflections in a cup of coffee on a crisp Spring-like morning.


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Photo Challenge 2017 – Week 10: Portrait, Environmental

This week’s portrait is of Colin, again, because I love him. The idea was to capture a portrait of someone in their natural setting – be it at work or a hobby. Colin and I teach in each of the boy’s classes at church once a month. Colin is a natural. He is really just so good at teaching the kids, at getting them involved and engaged. I love to see it. I also think it brings him joy and that brings me joy. And, of course, the boys love to have him in their classes.

colin onramp lomo

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Photo Challenge 2017 – Week 9: Artistic, Shadows

My default is definitely portraits. I love the idea of shadows and took quite a few photos with shadows that I loved. I think shadows translate to black and white very well, but I chose this photo because I liked the light shining into Jude’s eye and the foreground of his face being in shadow and out of focus.


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Photo Challenge 2017 – Week 8: Landscape, Wide Angle/Panorama

I’m a bit behind getting this posted from last week. I don’t have a wide angle lens, but this is what I came up with. I really do live in a gorgeous place and I want to work on my landscape photography skills even though it’s not my passion.

I give you some of the amazing Cascade Mountains.