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Girls with Curls

Just a quick post to show off my new curls. I saw this post on Pinterest & watched the video from here. It looked super easy so I tried it out last night. So easy to wear overnight – comfy! It actually looks really cute too, I will definitely wear it out during the day. I just grabbed snaps, no great photography here.

I’m not sure how much I like it with my short hair, but I’ll definitely be doing this a lot when my hair gets longer!

Easy peasy!


I Feel Good!

You know how there are some things that just make you feel good? The outfit I wore yesterday is one of those things. I’ve had the dress for years – thrifted sometime, somewhere. I love the colours & the pattern & the fit – it’s made of super comfortable cotton. I shortened it at some point as well. Also wearing my new favourite shoes. I don’t have a lot of Summer shoes besides flip-flops so these will get a lot of wear this season.

I love it when style & comfort coincide. I felt confident in these clothes, funky & comfy too. What more could you ask for? I am hoping to have the same sensation in less than a week when I get to cross an item off my bucket list. We’re going to see U2 in concert! I am so excited.



It's glass!



Detail of fabric & cool zipper pull


I tried unsuccessfully to do 60s eye makeup – you know, the heavy eyeliner thing. I really want to learn how to do it. Love that look!

Dress: Vintage – thrifted
Jeans: 2BWY
Shoes: Blowfish – Gimik
Earrings & Ring: ?

We also started on a project for the boys that I will write about soon. I saw the idea on Pinterest to create an outdoor chalkboard. We got the board mounted, but still have to sand, prime & paint it. This will happen when it quits snowing! Yes, we had snow yesterday. Craziness. I’m hoping to get my garden planted before July! We shall see.

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Taking Short Cuts

I did it, I got my hair cut! I really like it. Overall, it’s what I wanted. My fringe is a bit funny, but it will settle down. I think it’s because the stylist added texture to it & I prefer blunt bangs. I’m already plotting all the different things I can do with it.

I wore a simple outfit today without accessories to make it easy while I was getting my hair cut. I love my boots – they are so comfortable & I think they look tough. I can wear them all day & do a lot of walking without them being uncomfortable.

Shrug: Torrid
Dress: Old Navy
Leggings: Walmart
Boots: Groove

If you want to see how long it was – the fringe and the back, click here.

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Red Dawn

Yep, I was up at the crack of dawn to colour my hair. Stage one of hairstyle makeover. My haircut is happening on Wednesday & I can barely wait! I forgot to get a good hair shot before I coloured my hair, but at least this will do for a before shot of the style.

We had a great weekend, pretty busy, but fun. I have got to schedule some at home weekend time to prepare the house & yard for warmer weather & for some outdoor projects that we have in store.

I wore a fun, mod style shirt & comfy jeans & my ever-lovely Tsubo wedges.

Top: TJ Maxx
Jeans: Angels
Shoes: Tsubo

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Challenge #2 Wrap Up & Thoughts

I’m planning on getting a new hairstyle soon, it’s been so long since I’ve actually had a cut or a style & I’m ready. It was really good to experiment with my hair as it is. I wish I had more time to devote to trying new things with my hair, but as a Mom of two boys, I realised I really don’t have that kind of time.

I’m glad I took this challenge & I will definitely be making an effort to avoid doing the “hair up in a clip” thing everyday. That being said, I’m ready for my hair to be up some more again & out of the way!

Here are some of my favourite styles from the last 14 days:

For details of this challenge, click here.

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Challenge #2 Hairstyles #11 & #12

I so wish I had someone around to do amazing things to my hair while it is this long. I attempted a french braid – it was ok, but could have been better. Super comfy though.

Hairstyle #11 Front

Hairstyle #11 Back

For style #12, it’s simple & down with a twist.

Hairstyle #12 Front

Hairstyle #12 Back

For details of this challenge, click here.