Challenge #2 Wrap Up & Thoughts

I’m planning on getting a new hairstyle soon, it’s been so long since I’ve actually had a cut or a style & I’m ready. It was really good to experiment with my hair as it is. I wish I had more time to devote to trying new things with my hair, but as a Mom of two boys, I realised I really don’t have that kind of time.

I’m glad I took this challenge & I will definitely be making an effort to avoid doing the “hair up in a clip” thing everyday. That being said, I’m ready for my hair to be up some more again & out of the way!

Here are some of my favourite styles from the last 14 days:

For details of this challenge, click here.


One thought on “Challenge #2 Wrap Up & Thoughts

  1. Yeah, what’s the point of having beautiful hair like yours if you wear it up 🙂 Maybe I’ll hide all your hair clips.

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