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Fashion on Friday – November 28, 2014

I figured I better get these Autumnesque photos out there before Winter gets here. Ha! We’ve had heaps of snow already and I’m loving it!

These outfits are from earlier in the season. My boys and I have a tradition of going to Drake Park in the Fall to take photos. We really live in such a beautiful place and I feel blessed to live in Bend.

So I thought I would share a few photos of them – proud Momma moment. After I took their pictures, I had the bright idea of having my seven year old take my outfit photos on this particular day. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before. He’s been getting into photography so it’s been a good idea for both of us. He’s learning and I’ve got a new photographer!

October 2014 1053 October 2014 939 October 2014 896 October 2014 887 October 2014 868 October 2014 1071 October 2014 1070 October 2014 1077 October 2014 1075 October 2014 1072

This is another eShakti dress. Love it! My sister and I both fell in love with it and got it on sale. Amazingly comfortable, great fit and pockets of course! And I think it’s pretty darn cute – a great Fall maxi dress. The fabric is pretty light weight and with the short sleeves, I can probably wear it in the Summer too.

Outfit Details: Dress – eShakti, Boots – Ross

I really do love dressing for cooler weather. I feel like I have so many more options. I’m going to work on not being a hot weather hater though. But seriously, when the weather is cool, I get to wear coats like the one below…

November 2014 004 November 2014 001 November 2014 017

This is a vintage coat I got at a thrift store. I love it so very much. The fabric is amazing. I think I may have actually worn this coat most of the day – I wanted to make sure everyone saw it!

November 2014 009 November 2014 006 November 2014 015 November 2014 013 November 2014 010

This is a dress from Target from a few years ago. I paired it with some vintage and modern accessories. This necklace was another thrift store find – love it! I think it looks like a mid-century wall hanging. My ring is another vintage earring that I made into a ring.

Outfit Details: Coat – vintage/thrifted, Dress – Target, Belt – ?, Boots – Ross, Leggings – Walmart, Necklace and Ring – vintage/thrifted.

If you are in the States, or if you celebrate Thanksgiving anywhere else, I hope you had a great day. I am so thankful for my life – with its many imperfections and challenges – it truly is a wonderful life. If you are into Black Friday shopping – I hope you find some amazing deals – be kind, have fun, be safe. I will not be venturing out to the shops, but I may have a look around at the online deals.

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Fashion on Friday – Project Runway Style

My sister recently treated me to an overnight stay in Portland. Portland, Oregon is about half way between Tacoma, Washington where she lives and Bend, Oregon where I live. We met up and it was great to have some sister time together.

My sister and I are both big fans of Project Runway – we always have a text or phone conversation about each episode after it airs. In Season 11, we were both rooting for Michelle Lesniak and were thrilled when she won. She’s a native Portland girl and when I found out when and where we would be for our getaway, I took a chance and contacted Michelle to see if she had an open studio or shop that we could visit. She doesn’t yet have an open studio, but she’s working on it. However, she was so kind to get back to me and invite us to come for a visit. I wanted to surprise my sister, so I just gave her the address and met her there.IMG_20141106_152258

Michelle and her intern were so kind and friendly. We talked a bit about the area the studio is in, Michelle’s fabrics and designs, the fashion business and, of course, Tim Gunn! Apparently, he’s as kind and wonderful as he seems on telly. It was so fun to be able to surprise my sister and a thrill to meet Michelle. She’s on Project Runway All-Stars in the current season and we are still huge fans. She’s funny and ever so talented.

So, what does one wear to meet an amazing designer that you really admire? I’m usually a pretty quick dresser, I don’t take a lot of time choosing outfits or trying on multiple things, but that was not the case this time. I have no idea how many things I tried on. It was super fun though because it had me reaching deeper into my wardrobe than I have in a while and trying different things. I wanted to be comfortable as we would be walking around in downtown Portland, I wanted to look cool and interesting, but I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard. I have no idea if I succeeded on all counts, but I was comfortable and Michelle didn’t look at me with pity or anything. I wore a knit dress with a tulle skirt from Target, an ancient ballet-style top from Target, red tights from Forever 21, shoes from Blowfish and a vintage, articulated owl necklace.

November 2014 046

Stephanie and I had so much fun – we stayed downtown at the amazing Benson Hotel, enjoyed Happy Hour at the Portland City Grill with amazing views of Portland, slept well, wandered around Portland, had breakfast at The Urban Farmer inside The Nines Hotel (a Dungeness Crab Omelet!) and then headed over to IKEA and some other shops before heading home to our families. Such a wonderful time together. I’m so thankful for my sister.


Dungeness Crab Omelet!


A spot of pool at the Nines.


The Urban Farmer

Not sure there's enough room on this sofa!

Not sure there’s enough room on this sofa!

IMG_20141107_125849 IMG_20141107_125620 IMG_20141107_125612 IMG_20141106_163130 IMG_20141106_163116

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Fashion on Friday – October 17, 2014

Another eShakti dress. It’s so comfortable and fun to wear. It’s lined with a cotton lining which will be great for summer. The pattern is quite Fall-like, but the color is light and bright which makes it another great transitional dress. It was raining the day I wore this which is a bit unusual around these parts and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

October 2014 159 (2) October 2014 157 (2)I wore a hat all day! I love hats, but they’re not always easy to wear all day. This hat was super comfy on a cool day. My other issue with hats is just that it can sometimes feel a bit costumey to wear a hat. I try not to let what other people will think affect my choices too much though so I hope to wear more hats this Fall and Winter. October 2014 163 (2) October 2014 162 (2) October 2014 160 (2)

I wore one of my favorite vintage owl necklaces – he’s articulated so he moves a bit. I always feel like I have to add a disclaimer when I talk about my love of owls – I loved owls before it was cool to love owls! This was a necklace I picked up in a thrift store years ago. I shall not let the popularity of owls dissuade me of my love for them!

Outfit Details: Dress – eShakti, Cardigan – Ross, Hat – Target, Necklace – Thrifted, Boots – Ross

October 2014 143 (2) October 2014 145 (2) October 2014 146

I’d like to talk about heels. I love shoes. I love all the wonderful varieties of shoes that exist. I love heels. I also have a closet full of shoes, particularly heels that I love, that I never wear. Some people can wear heels for long periods of time and not suffer too much. I am not one of those people. I do have some heels that I can wear all day as long as I’m not on my feet all day. In the interest of simplifying, I am going to try to wear every pair of shoes in my closet and if I can wear them all day and I love them, I will keep them. If I can’t, then they will be passed on to someone who will hopefully love them and wear them. I’ll have a few exceptions for shoes that I am willing to suffer wearing for special occasions, but they have to especially special. October 2014 150 (2)

These shoes – I’ve had good luck with wedges so I had high hopes for these shoes that I picked up at Goodwill. They’re denim as well which I thought would be great to be sort of casual, but still be well-heeled. I didn’t have too much walking to do on the day I wore these, but I did work at the school for a bit. Sadly, these lovely shoes will be making an exit from my closet. They just weren’t comfortable enough and when I went to pick the boys up from school at the end of the day, I was not wearing them. They’re so cute though!October 2014 155 October 2014 149 (2)

So if I’m not going to wear these heels, I’ll at least keep my very long earrings! I felt like I was wearing a necklace, they’re so long.

Outfit Details: Dress – Lane Bryant, Cardigan – Target, Jeans – Torrid, Earrings – Forever 21, Shoes – Qupid via Goodwill

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Fashion on Friday – October 10, 2014 (AKA: If Ninjas Attack…)

It got hot again! The nerve. Thankfully, it still cools way down at night. I think we’re heading toward consistent cooler weather from here on out now, though this is Central Oregon, so you never know!

We have an outdoor chalkboard that we made for the boys a few years back. One of the best investments we ever made and to be honest, it didn’t cost much at all. It has consistently been used over the years. It’s also been one of my backdrops for outfit photos.

Anyway, I can see it from the kitchen window and I looked out the other day and saw this lovely drawing and something about ninjas. It took some deciphering, but we finally figured out what the entire message that my lovely older son had written. “If ninjas attack us, I’ll use you as a shield.” So much love.

October 2014 231 October 2014 234 October 2014 221 October 2014 219 October 2014 223 October 2014 227 October 2014 238October 2014 236October 2014 230I engaged in a bit of pattern mixing. Of course, you can always consider leopard print a neutral – right?

Outfit Details: Kimono – Torrid, Cami – Torrid, Jeans – Ross, Shoes – Liz Claiborne (thrifted), Necklace – Vintage (gift from my lovely sister), Ring – Vintage earring converted to ring (made by me)

October 2014 014 October 2014 011 (2) October 2014 012 (2) October 2014 015 (2)October 2014 017The silhouette of this outfit felt a wee bit twee, which I don’t really mind, but I like the twist that the print of this dress brings to the outfit – outer space, man! Then there is the fact that I have pegasuses, pegasi, more than one pegasus – flying around my neck! Maybe there isn’t a plural since Pegasus is actually the name of a flying horse. So I guess I have a bunch of flying horses flying around my neck! How wonderful is that?! It’s pretty wonderful.

Outfit Details: Dress – Forever 21, Cardigan – Ross, Shoes – Payless, Necklace – H&M, Earrings – ?

Here’s to the joy of getting dressed!




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Fashion on Friday – October 3, 2014

Glory! It’s Autumn! My birthday usually “falls” on the first day of Fall. Sadly this year, it was the day after my birthday. Still, it’s Fall! The mornings are crisp and cool, the leaves are changing, and, of course, the style choices have increased! I’m going to ignore the fact that temperatures will be nearly 80F this week.

September 2014 149I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love of the company eShakti before. They make gorgeous clothes with custom fit and styling options at a reasonable price (keep an eye out for promotions and sales to get the best deal). This dress is a lovely summer dress that can transition to cooler temps with the addition of a jacket or cardigan. It’s got a whimsical hot air balloon print which I love. Did I mention that most eShakti dresses come with pockets? The true glory of a great dress.

September 2014 147You can customize eShakti garments to your own measurements as well as changing details such as length, type of sleeve, neckline and even removing pockets (why is that an option?!) for a minimal fee. I think I had this dress shortened.

September 2014 152 September 2014 151 September 2014 150Love these sunglasses!

September 2014 146Outfit Details: Dress – eShakti, Belt – Torrid, Shoes – Ross, Ring – Old Navy, Sunglasses – Forever 21, Headband – Ross

I wore a jacket! I’ve had this jacket for years – lightweight cotton, three-quarter sleeves – a great transitional piece, and a fun retro vibe.

October 2014 015Another of my favorite places to get clothes from is ASOS. That’s where this dress came from. Again, it’s a lightweight summery dress that can transition well to a new season. I paired it with skinny capris and wedge sandals. A super comfortable, easy to wear outfit.

October 2014 016 October 2014 018 October 2014 019 October 2014 027This is one of the rings that I made out of vintage earrings. I love the detail and design of vintage jewelry – it’s great to find ways to bring it to my modern world.

Outfit Details: Dress (Alice & You) – ASOS, Jeans – Torrid, Shoes – Payless Shoes, Jacket – Ross

Feeling thankful for cooler days, for fun clothes, for the freedom to express myself through fashion!


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Fashion on Friday – February 14, 2014

It’s been a while since I did a Fashion on Friday post so hold on to your hats, I’ve got several outfits to post. I can’t actually remember when I wore any of them. It was definitely before we had 2 feet of snow visit us last weekend!

These first photos are only of some accessories I wore with one outfit. I just thought it was funny because I was wearing a bunch of forest animals. Owl, Bumble Bee and Fox. Fun Fact: Melissa means Honey Bee in Greek.

January 2014 015 January 2014 019 January 2014 018

Outfit Details: Necklace – Vintage/Thrifted, Earrings – Old Navy, Ring – Torrid

I’m always a fan of a fun dress and a shrug. I love the pattern on this dress. Geometric and spacey and great colors. Since the dress is the focus, I went easy on the accessories.

January 2014 023 January 2014 028 (2) January 2014 025 (2)

Outfit Details: Dress – Forever 21, Shrug – Ross, Earrings – ?, Leggings – Walmart, Belt – Torrid, Shoes – Blowfish, Ring – Made by Me (Vintage Clip On Earring)

Decided to take a break from dresses and went with a top and skirt.

January 2014 037 January 2014 043 January 2014 045

Outfit Details: Skirt – Old Navy, Shirt – Torrid, Tights – Forever 21, Boots – Lane Bryant, Ring and Earrings – ?

Last outfit. You can always tell when Colin takes my photos for me. I’m usually trying not to laugh and it’s all a bit rushed. I’m thankful though when he does it. The boys were also running around.

January 2014 227 January 2014 244 January 2014 225 January 2014 252

Outfit Details: Dress – ASOS, Leggings – Target, Shoes – Payless, Earrings – Forever 21, Ring – Made by Me (Vintage Clip On Earring)

It’s Valentine’s Day! Our little family usually doesn’t do anything commercial for Valentine’s Day – usually a meal at home and homemade valentine’s for each other. Jude’s school is having pajama day at school, plus he has his Valentine’s Day party in class that I’m helping out with. I am actually wearing a Valentine’s outfit today – I took some photos, but they are inside photos since it’s been raining all day. I’ll have a look at them later and see if they are worth posting. I’m also have a mega-amazing hair day and I can’t get a decent photo. Sigh. Life sure is tough! 🙂

Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day –  surrounded by the love and friends and family.

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Fashion on Friday – January 17, 2014

A couple of catch up outfits today from our cold snap a while back. I’m not sure what happened to our winter, it seems to have passed us by for now, but I’m hoping it will come on back and stay for a spell.

I love this dress I got from ASOS. I love ASOS as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. They have quality, fun, stylish clothes. Anyway, this is a very comfortable dress that will work right into Spring.

December 2013 006 December 2013 012

Outfit details: Dress – ASOS, Tights and shoes – Forever 21, Headband – ?

This outfit is a bit of a uniform for me. I love a cute dress, a cardigan and some fun leggings. I wear a lot of variations on this outfit. And this dress – I seem to always have a little, black, casual dress in my wardrobe that I wear a lot. At the end of last Summer, my previous dress gave up the ghost and I found this dress. I’m not sure this one will last as long and it’s got me a bit worried.

November 2013 085 November 2013 088 November 2013 089 November 2013 090 November 2013 083

Outfit details: Dress – Torrid, Shrug – Ross, Leggings – Forever 21, Boots – Lane Bryant, Brooch – Vintage/thrifted, Ring – made by me from a vintage, clip on earring.

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Fashion on Friday – Party Frocks

One of the things I love about the Christmas season is works dos. Both Colin’s company and my work have fun parties that are suitable for dressing up. We live in a very casual town so there aren’t a lot of opportunities to truly dress up.

Both of the dresses that I wore are from ASOS. The first one that I wore to my work party I wasn’t too sure about when I saw it – it’s not a color that I gravitate toward, but it was on a super clearance so I thought I’d give it a go. I love it!

December 2013 016 December 2013 035

It’s super comfortable, easy to wear and has a lot of whimsy. I loved wearing the vintage style, three-quarter sleeve jacket with it as well. I felt very early 60s glam. The brooch is blue aurora borealis and totally gorgeous.

December 2013 023 December 2013 036

Outfit details: Dress – ASOS, Jacket – Ross, Tights – Forever 21, Shoes – Target, Brooch – vintage/thrifted, Ring – made by me

The next outfit I wore to Colin’s work party and I am so totally sad that I didn’t take more photos of it. I don’t know how it slipped my mind, but there you go. I’ll get more photos when I wear it next. I feel like it’s a dress that I can wear not just to fancy events.


This is one of those dresses that I saw and absolutely fell in love with. The silhouette, the fabric, the whole design. I was smitten. It wasn’t particularly cheap, though not outrageous either, but I bided my time until ASOS had a sale and then I snatched that baby up. I am so glad I did. This is a garment that truly brings me joy.

Sadly, in this photo that was taken with my phone, I look like I’m in a lot of pain and you can’t see my amazing shoes! And apparently Colin has a light shining out of the top of his head. Nonetheless, I love this dress!

Outfit details: Dress – ASOS, Tights – Forever 21, Shoes – Torrid

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Fashion on Friday – November 15, 2013

I’ve been laying low today. My youngest and I are both fighting colds. Bleh. I’m thankful that I had nothing official on the calendar today so that we could rest and watch Project Runway!

Here’s a few outfits from this last week.

Top knot buns are easily one of my favorite hairstyles. Mostly because they’re easy. I finally got to wear this top. I’ve had it for ages, but I actually took the time to do some ironing this week (It’s an annual thing). I don’t like to iron, at all. I do like having more clothing choices though.November 2013 166 November 2013 168 November 2013 170 November 2013 172I got lots of comments from the kids in Jude’s class about my ear cuff. They couldn’t figure it out, but they thought it was cool!

Outfit details: Top – Torrid, Skirt – Ross, Shoes – Payless, Ear cuff – Forever 21

I felt very ladylike in this outfit. A bit twee perhaps, but I hopefully offset it with my funky shoes and tights!November 2013 151 November 2013 153 November 2013 158 November 2013 160 November 2013 163Outfit details: Dress – Ross, Cardigan – Ross, Tights – Forever 21, Shoes – Dirty Laundry, Belt – Forever 21, Ring – Made by Me (Vintage Earring)

I love it when I can talk Colin into taking my photos. My smile is much more natural. There’s a lot of goofiness going on too.November 2013 015 (2) November 2013 014 November 2013 011 November 2013 013 November 2013 029 (2)Outfit details: Dress – Forever 21, Leggings – Forever 21, Shoes – Payless, Necklace – Vintage/Thrifted, Headband – I can’t remember where I got this head band, but I love it!