Fashion on Friday – October 10, 2014 (AKA: If Ninjas Attack…)

It got hot again! The nerve. Thankfully, it still cools way down at night. I think we’re heading toward consistent cooler weather from here on out now, though this is Central Oregon, so you never know!

We have an outdoor chalkboard that we made for the boys a few years back. One of the best investments we ever made and to be honest, it didn’t cost much at all. It has consistently been used over the years. It’s also been one of my backdrops for outfit photos.

Anyway, I can see it from the kitchen window and I looked out the other day and saw this lovely drawing and something about ninjas. It took some deciphering, but we finally figured out what the entire message that my lovely older son had written. “If ninjas attack us, I’ll use you as a shield.” So much love.

October 2014 231 October 2014 234 October 2014 221 October 2014 219 October 2014 223 October 2014 227 October 2014 238October 2014 236October 2014 230I engaged in a bit of pattern mixing. Of course, you can always consider leopard print a neutral – right?

Outfit Details: Kimono – Torrid, Cami – Torrid, Jeans – Ross, Shoes – Liz Claiborne (thrifted), Necklace – Vintage (gift from my lovely sister), Ring – Vintage earring converted to ring (made by me)

October 2014 014 October 2014 011 (2) October 2014 012 (2) October 2014 015 (2)October 2014 017The silhouette of this outfit felt a wee bit twee, which I don’t really mind, but I like the twist that the print of this dress brings to the outfit – outer space, man! Then there is the fact that I have pegasuses, pegasi, more than one pegasus – flying around my neck! Maybe there isn’t a plural since Pegasus is actually the name of a flying horse. So I guess I have a bunch of flying horses flying around my neck! How wonderful is that?! It’s pretty wonderful.

Outfit Details: Dress – Forever 21, Cardigan – Ross, Shoes – Payless, Necklace – H&M, Earrings – ?

Here’s to the joy of getting dressed!





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