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Photo Challenge 2018 – Week 15

Here’s my first attempt at post production double exposure – it’s going to take some work to get it where I want it to be, but it’s a start. Plus, it’s my Colin!

Week 15


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Photo Challenge 2018 – Week 14

I got this shot of Jude when we were in the tallest building in Seattle. I love his reflection in the glass.

Week 14

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Photo Challenge 2018 – Week 7

So I broke a board last week. I thought I would do a self-portrait to commemorate. It’s been a strange mix of emotions since the boys and I completed our rank test and moved on to Purple 1. So proud of them and the work they did. Challenged by new classes and the work that is before us. At the same time, it’s been tough to carry on without Colin on this part of the journey. I miss having him in class and sharing the experience. It’s only a temporary thing, but it’s not fun. Heal quickly, My Dear!

Week 7 1Week 7 2

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Photo Challenge 2018 – Week 3

Thankful for time with my family, for a beautiful place to live, for crisp, winter walks.

Week 3 1

Frozen water and captured pine cone.

Week 3 2

Water Window.

Week 3 3

My Colin.

Week 3 4

I got to take photos of a gorgeous, one week old baby this week. One of the most significant things to me about photos is capturing moments and memories. Our family loves to look back at photos of the boys when they were younger, of things we have done as a family – the shared experiences and events and even just the random moments are rich and precious.

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Photo Challenge 2018 – Week 2

As we were out on a family hike this weekend, I said to Colin how much I love taking pictures. It really does give me so much joy. Capturing moments, being creative, creating a mood. I just love it.

Here are six of the images I captured this week. From my challenge list I got Back Lit, Action – Frozen, Macro, Black and White, Fantasy, Path, and Leap/Jump.

Week 2 1

Back Lit Shrub

Week 2 3

Macro View of River Reeds

Week 2 4

One of my favorite things about this photo is that you can almost feel Jake’s soft fur.

Week 2 2

Black and White, Back Lit Zane

Week 2 5w

Jude on a mysterious Path.

Week 2 6

Lots of fun post-processing here. Action-Frozen, Fantasy, Leap/Jump. Zane flying into action!