Blackett 2020 Year in Review

I know everyone is saying it, but What a Year, eh?!

There were triumphs and tragedies, peace and panic, rest and rage.

Like everyone, so many plans were canceled or changed. We “pivoted”, we figured things out, we worked on finding joy and staying thankful. Global, National, and Local issues were heavy on our mind and in our hearts.

Nature was key to staying strong – lots of walks, hikes, runs, bike rides. We began regular theme nights – Games with Gran, Archery, Game Night, Movie Night. Our Home Church with Mom and Dad has been amazing – worshipping, learning and discussing across the generations has been wonderful. We played over 150 board games as a family, that’s right, over 150!

We don’t know what the 2021 holds, but we’ll keep being flexible, finding joy, and playing games. We’re thankful for friends and family, for connections remote and in person. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead full of joy, peace, health and great adventures.

Here’s a brief month by month overview of what 2020 looked like for us.

Wintercamp for Jude, Piano Recital for Zane, Family Archery and Rock Climbing.

More family archery, Melissa did a 10K obstacle course in the mud, Pilot Butte Middle School Info night for 6th graders.

Colin went to a conference in Texas, family downhill skiing – the boys first time, got our own archery gear and a membership to a local range, the world shut down. Family hikes and bikes and walks abounded.

Getting used to remote life – work, school, family, play dates, piano lessons, hip hop lessons. Easter celebrations. Jude turned 13! Finding disinfecting supplies in the store became a triumph and a cause for tears.

We expanded our bubble to include Grandma and Grandpa and started having home church together. Zane had his final piano recital via Zoom. Watched the SpaceX launch, thunderstorms made for great entertainment, the hammocks came out, lots of walks, treasure hunts in the desert, Star Wars Day, Mother’s Day.

Did all the end of school years things virtually – spirit weeks, wax museum, Zane’s 5th grade graduation. The end of an era at Ensworth Elementary. Zane’s final hip hop recital, a family puzzle room, end of school year camping became a day trip, Colin played keys for a few local church virtual services. Father’s Day.

4th of July, fishing, exploring local caves. Zane turned 11!

Virtual VBS at Westside – Colin was the Storyteller and Melissa did the Science Station, all on video. Family trip to the coast and then to the Redwoods. House remodel begins with heaps of decluttering, moving office spaces around, reconfiguring rooms.

Back to School camping trip at Crescent Lake. Back to School! Both boys in middle school at Pilot Butte Middle School. Colin and Melissa both had birthdays with low key celebrations. Smoke and wildfires were always on our mind.

House remodel underway – interior painting, new flooring downstairs, new furniture and fixtures.
Zane started playing bass for Orchestra at Pilot Butte
Westside hosted an outdoor free pumpkin patch for the community.
Colin and Jude finally did their hike to celebrate Jude’s 13th birthday. 13 miles along the Deschutes River Trail included a bit of snow! The boys started Art Club at Pilot Butte
Westside hosted a drive through candy pick up. We weren’t going to dress up this year, but grabbed some costumes from past years at the last minute to help hand out candy. So glad we did. Enjoying our remodeled house tremendously.

The boys started Craft Club at Pilot Butte
Did our own school photos
Westside hosted another socially distanced outdoor event – treats, crafts, and a photo booth. Our family enjoys helping out and serving at events together.
Annual International Thanksgiving Meal – Hawaiian style.

Did our traditional Dad/Daughter shopping for Mom and lunch date. All online except for lunch!
Final bits of the remodel complete.
The 3 weeks between Thanksgiving Break and Winter break are the longest in the school calendar! The boys were super creative and generous for Christmas. Lovely, quiet celebration for Christmas. Rang in the New Year with our Bubble.

Peace out 2020! I don’t hate you, I’m thankful for you, but I’m not sad to see you go. Hello 2021!


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