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Fashion on Friday – February 14, 2014

It’s been a while since I did a Fashion on Friday post so hold on to your hats, I’ve got several outfits to post. I can’t actually remember when I wore any of them. It was definitely before we had 2 feet of snow visit us last weekend!

These first photos are only of some accessories I wore with one outfit. I just thought it was funny because I was wearing a bunch of forest animals. Owl, Bumble Bee and Fox. Fun Fact: Melissa means Honey Bee in Greek.

January 2014 015 January 2014 019 January 2014 018

Outfit Details: Necklace – Vintage/Thrifted, Earrings – Old Navy, Ring – Torrid

I’m always a fan of a fun dress and a shrug. I love the pattern on this dress. Geometric and spacey and great colors. Since the dress is the focus, I went easy on the accessories.

January 2014 023 January 2014 028 (2) January 2014 025 (2)

Outfit Details: Dress – Forever 21, Shrug – Ross, Earrings – ?, Leggings – Walmart, Belt – Torrid, Shoes – Blowfish, Ring – Made by Me (Vintage Clip On Earring)

Decided to take a break from dresses and went with a top and skirt.

January 2014 037 January 2014 043 January 2014 045

Outfit Details: Skirt – Old Navy, Shirt – Torrid, Tights – Forever 21, Boots – Lane Bryant, Ring and Earrings – ?

Last outfit. You can always tell when Colin takes my photos for me. I’m usually trying not to laugh and it’s all a bit rushed. I’m thankful though when he does it. The boys were also running around.

January 2014 227 January 2014 244 January 2014 225 January 2014 252

Outfit Details: Dress – ASOS, Leggings – Target, Shoes – Payless, Earrings – Forever 21, Ring – Made by Me (Vintage Clip On Earring)

It’s Valentine’s Day! Our little family usually doesn’t do anything commercial for Valentine’s Day – usually a meal at home and homemade valentine’s for each other. Jude’s school is having pajama day at school, plus he has his Valentine’s Day party in class that I’m helping out with. I am actually wearing a Valentine’s outfit today – I took some photos, but they are inside photos since it’s been raining all day. I’ll have a look at them later and see if they are worth posting. I’m also have a mega-amazing hair day and I can’t get a decent photo. Sigh. Life sure is tough! 🙂

Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day –  surrounded by the love and friends and family.

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Make It Monday – Wire Wrapped Bead Necklace

You know when you are expecting something in the post and that just seems to make it take forever? So much anticipation!

As a Christmas present for myself and my sister, I signed up for Whimseybox. Whimseybox is a monthly subscription box that comes with everything you need to complete a craft project. And they’re cool craft projects – modern and hip. We both got a year-long subscription and our first box arrived at the end of January. You have no idea what’s coming so there’s a lot of excitement when your box arrives and you open it and see what’s inside. My sister and I actually opened ours together over the phone. January 2014 171

The January Whimseybox was a wire wrapped bead necklace. The packaging was lovely and it was fun to open. January 2014 172 January 2014 174

They truly include everything you need to complete the project. Beads, two pairs of pliers, head pins, fasteners and the necklace. January 2014 175

The printed instructions were excellent. They actually have video instructions as well, but the printed instructions were so clear that I didn’t need to access the videos. January 2014 173

It took me a few tries, but I got the hang of the wire wrapping and it was fun. I liked that I could customize how I put the beads on the chain – the pattern. January 2014 208 January 2014 210

The whole project took me about an hour and half. I love that the box is complete with everything you need to be crafty. No excuses!January 2014 218 January 2014 216

The completed necklace is pretty and I really like it. I’m also pleased that I have a new skill – wire wrapped beads!January 2014 177 February 2014 087 February 2014 085

Now I can’t wait to see what’s in the February box.

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Tasty Tuesday – Anytime S’Mores

January 2014 142

I was looking for an easy, yummy dessert the other night and realized I had all the ingredients needed to make s’mores. This was seriously so easy, I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence with a recipe. I used the broiler on my oven to brown the marshmallows. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Mostly I just want to post the photos so that I can look at them again.

January 2014 131 January 2014 132 January 2014 137 January 2014 135 January 2014 136

So yummy! Of course, campfire s’mores reign supreme and always will, but these were so good.

January 2014 141

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Make it Monday – Photo to Canvas Transfer

My friend A’Leah over at A Chic Twist, recently hosted a Pinterest Party. It was so fun. She offered two crafts and provided all the supplies and instruction, attendees just paid for however many of each craft they wanted to make. The two options were a mason jar pump dispenser and a photo to canvas transfer. I opted to do two of the photo to canvas transfers.January 2014 144 January 2014 143

Our fearless leader, A'Leah, guiding us through the process and being silly so that I could take a photo.

Our fearless leader, A’Leah, guiding us through the process and being silly so that I could take a photo.

Before the party I copied two photos onto paper using my ink jet printer. The canvases were 8×10. The first step was to trim the photos down to the appropriate size – I did a rough tear because I didn’t want to have a smooth edge.January 2014 155

The next step was to put a generous coat of gel medium onto the canvas as evenly as possible and then lay the photo face-side down onto the gel medium. Then you start from the middle and, with your fingers, smooth outward, pressing the photo into the canvas to ensure that there are no bubbles. January 2014 154

January 2014 157 January 2014 159After that it was a matter of waiting for the gel medium to dry which of course meant lovely drinks and treats and chatting. It still took a bit longer than we wanted for it to dry so we used a blow dryer to speed up the process. Once the gel medium is completely dry, you take a paint brush dipped in water and brush it over the paper – you can either do a small bit at a time or coat the whole canvas. I chose to do a small section at a time. Then you start rubbing gently at the paper with your fingers. It was like magic! So much fun as the top layer of the paper started to come away and reveal the brighter colors of the lower layer.January 2014 160 January 2014 162 January 2014 164 January 2014 163 January 2014 166

After you have taken away all the paper that you want to and the canvas has dried once again, you can add another layer of gel medium to seal the deal.

I was so pleased with the results. I chose to do one photo with lots of color and one photo that was mostly black and white. You get a lovely rustic, aged feel to the canvas and photo.

Additional points:
If you choose to do text, make sure that you print a mirror image as the photo will transfer as a mirror image onto the canvas.
Different types of paper and different types of ink will give you different results. It’s fun to experiment.
It’s good to share crafting time with friends. Lots of time to talk and catch up while feeling super productive and creative at the same time. Thanks A’Leah!