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Challenge #7 No Groceries for a Month!

So the rules of this challenge are that I won’t be any groceries in the month of March. I have $20 per week for produce & milk.

The goal is to use what I have in my pantry & freezer & to be creative in what I do with these ingredients.

I’ll be continuing my new recipes every week along with this challenge, so that will be interesting!

I’ll report in every week with my progress.

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Challenge #6 No Outfit Repeats March 1-31

I had a big closet purge yesterday. It was so good to get rid of stuff that I don’t like & to see what I do have. I have a lot of clothes that are too small, but I am losing, so I am holding on to them. I have been feeling like I wear the same stuff all the time, despite my closets being full of wonderful clothes. There are a lot of things that I can’t wear right now, but I tried stuff on yesterday & there is more that I can wear than I thought there would be.

So here’s my challenge: No repeat outfits from March 1-31. Tuesdays will be an exception – it’s laundry day & we don’t go out at all. The rules are that basics can be worn multiple times – leggings, plain t-shirts, etc – but the outfits have to be different. Shoes can be reworn, but I will try to use more of them than I usually do.

I will post pictures of my outfits every day.

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Challenge #2 Hairstyles #6,7,8

I didn’t post over the weekend so here are my hairstyles from Saturday, Sunday & today.

Saturday’s do is one of my favourite ways to wear my hair, I think it’s fun & funky. I might be getting too old for it though.

Hairstyle Challenge #6 Front

Hairstyle Challenge #6 Side

Sunday’s style was nice. I thought it looked really pretty. Had to do a bit of back-combing & hairspray!

Hairstyle Challenge #7 Front

Hairstyle Challenge #7 Back

Today’s hair is simple, fairly out of the way – plain from the front, but cool in the back.

Hair Challenge #8 Front

Hair Challenge #8 Back

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Challenge #2 Hairstyle #5

We have friends coming over tonight & so I made an effort! Actually, I’m trying to make more of an effort most days, but people will actually see me today so I really went for it.

I love headbands! I have so many & today I wore one of my favourites. Maybe sometime I’ll do a headband challenge where I have to wear all of my headbands.

My hair is down & I would love to put it up, but I like how it looks down.

Hairstyle #5 Front

Upclose & Personal with my Headband

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Challenge #2 Hairstyle #4

I had a bit more time today, but I wasn’t actually going anywhere. I decided to make an effort though.

It’s mostly down with a couple of twists (as an alternative to braids) on each side with my fringe twisted to the side. The braids are pulled together in the back.

Hairstyle #4 Thursday Twists

Right Side Twist

Left Side Twist

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Challenge #5 Loom Knitting

I finally got the courage & some clearer instructions to take my loom knitting off of the looms. I got the Knifty Knitter Looms a couple of Christmases ago, but only tried them out in the last month or so. I wish that I had started sooner! I have the round looms & the long looms in various sizes. They are super easy & lots of fun. I bought a book with instructions & some new patterns. So far I’ve done three projects all with just the basic patterns – I’m looking forward to trying some new stuff.

Taking them off the looms was intimidating & I’m not sure I did it completely right, but the scarves & hat are off the looms & functional.

So here they are – both on the looms & off.

Scarf for Jude on the small long loom.

Jude's scarf - I used a button instead of wrapping it.

Hat on the round loom

The finished hat.

The loose knit scarf on the loom.

The finished scarf.

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Challenge #3 Braised Balsamic Chicken

I found this recipe on, here is the link to the recipe.

I love balsamic vinegar & use it to make my own salad dressing. I’ve seen recipes on tv shows using a balsamic reduction & it always sounded so good.

This is a super simple recipe, but tastes very rich. The caramelized onions are so good, my husband calls them “candy”. The chicken stayed very moist & tender. I’ve had issues in the past with chicken drying out when I saute it. The flavor is really nice & rich – the balsamic makes a lovely sauce. My boys who are 1 & 3, both liked the chicken & ate it up.

I’ll definitely be making this recipe again.

Braised Balsamic Chicken

Bon Apettit!

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Challenge #2 Hairstyle #2

So it’s stay-at-home laundry day today, as is most every Tuesday. In honor of this day, I usually wear sweats & have my hair up all day. The following hairstyle is the reason I am doing this challenge. I wear my hair like this almost every single day & even if I start out with a different hairstyle, most days, it ends up like this.

Hairstyle Challenge #2 Front

Hairstyle Challenge #2 Back

I think it looks ok, it’s super comfortable, but it’s boring & like I said, I wear it like this ALL the time!

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