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Photo Challenge 2017 – Week 45: Artistic, Nostalgic

So I came across this little notebook that is actually from Jamaica – I used these notebooks throughout high school as subject notebooks. I filled this particular notebook with stickers from when I lived in Medford, Oregon. I wrote my desired Nickname on the cover of the notebook. The notebook then traveled back to the States with me to Atlanta, Georgia where it lived in storage while I moved to England and then New Zealand. I can’t really remember when I was reunited with this notebook, but looking at it now – the stickers falling off the page, the puffy aliens, the unicorns and rainbows, the 80s phrases – I am transported back to those days. Collecting stickers that expressed my passions, traveling with my sister on the bus to Ashland and going to stores filled with stickers, then putting them in albums, trading them with friends, decorating with them. Simpler days, happy days, True nostalgia.

001 Week 45 Nostalgic002 Week 45 Nostalgic003 Week 45 Nostalgic004 Week 45 Nostalgic005 Week 45 Nostalgic006 Week 45 Nostalgic007 Week 45 Nostalgic008 Week 45 Nostalgic009 Week 45 Nostalgic010 Week 45 Nostalgic011 Week 45 Nostalgic012 Week 45 Nostalgic013 Week 45 Nostalgic

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Fashion on Friday – Project Runway Style

My sister recently treated me to an overnight stay in Portland. Portland, Oregon is about half way between Tacoma, Washington where she lives and Bend, Oregon where I live. We met up and it was great to have some sister time together.

My sister and I are both big fans of Project Runway – we always have a text or phone conversation about each episode after it airs. In Season 11, we were both rooting for Michelle Lesniak and were thrilled when she won. She’s a native Portland girl and when I found out when and where we would be for our getaway, I took a chance and contacted Michelle to see if she had an open studio or shop that we could visit. She doesn’t yet have an open studio, but she’s working on it. However, she was so kind to get back to me and invite us to come for a visit. I wanted to surprise my sister, so I just gave her the address and met her there.IMG_20141106_152258

Michelle and her intern were so kind and friendly. We talked a bit about the area the studio is in, Michelle’s fabrics and designs, the fashion business and, of course, Tim Gunn! Apparently, he’s as kind and wonderful as he seems on telly. It was so fun to be able to surprise my sister and a thrill to meet Michelle. She’s on Project Runway All-Stars in the current season and we are still huge fans. She’s funny and ever so talented.

So, what does one wear to meet an amazing designer that you really admire? I’m usually a pretty quick dresser, I don’t take a lot of time choosing outfits or trying on multiple things, but that was not the case this time. I have no idea how many things I tried on. It was super fun though because it had me reaching deeper into my wardrobe than I have in a while and trying different things. I wanted to be comfortable as we would be walking around in downtown Portland, I wanted to look cool and interesting, but I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard. I have no idea if I succeeded on all counts, but I was comfortable and Michelle didn’t look at me with pity or anything. I wore a knit dress with a tulle skirt from Target, an ancient ballet-style top from Target, red tights from Forever 21, shoes from Blowfish and a vintage, articulated owl necklace.

November 2014 046

Stephanie and I had so much fun – we stayed downtown at the amazing Benson Hotel, enjoyed Happy Hour at the Portland City Grill with amazing views of Portland, slept well, wandered around Portland, had breakfast at The Urban Farmer inside The Nines Hotel (a Dungeness Crab Omelet!) and then headed over to IKEA and some other shops before heading home to our families. Such a wonderful time together. I’m so thankful for my sister.


Dungeness Crab Omelet!


A spot of pool at the Nines.


The Urban Farmer

Not sure there's enough room on this sofa!

Not sure there’s enough room on this sofa!

IMG_20141107_125849 IMG_20141107_125620 IMG_20141107_125612 IMG_20141106_163130 IMG_20141106_163116

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30 Days of Lists – Day 3

So I thought I’d start another challenge that I came across. Just a bit of fun. I’m coming in a few days late to the game, so I’m skipping the first couple of days.

Here’s the complete list of lists. I’m also following another blogger & her lists.

Day 3
I’m Looking Forward To…

  1. U2 in concert.
  2. Planting my garden.
  3. Re-starting Couch to 5K.
  4. Zane’s birthday.
  5. Creating 27 more things for 30 Days of Creativity.
  6. Staying strong with my no buying challenge until August 3rd.
  7. Did I mention seeing U2 in concert?
  8. Camping this summer – several times!
  9. Is it too early to say Autumn?
  10. Making bubble tea with my sister.