30 Days of Lists – Day 3

So I thought I’d start another challenge that I came across. Just a bit of fun. I’m coming in a few days late to the game, so I’m skipping the first couple of days.

Here’s the complete list of lists. I’m also following another blogger & her lists.

Day 3
I’m Looking Forward To…

  1. U2 in concert.
  2. Planting my garden.
  3. Re-starting Couch to 5K.
  4. Zane’s birthday.
  5. Creating 27 more things for 30 Days of Creativity.
  6. Staying strong with my no buying challenge until August 3rd.
  7. Did I mention seeing U2 in concert?
  8. Camping this summer – several times!
  9. Is it too early to say Autumn?
  10. Making bubble tea with my sister.

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