Challenge #5 Loom Knitting

I finally got the courage & some clearer instructions to take my loom knitting off of the looms. I got the Knifty Knitter Looms a couple of Christmases ago, but only tried them out in the last month or so. I wish that I had started sooner! I have the round looms & the long looms in various sizes. They are super easy & lots of fun. I bought a book with instructions & some new patterns. So far I’ve done three projects all with just the basic patterns – I’m looking forward to trying some new stuff.

Taking them off the looms was intimidating & I’m not sure I did it completely right, but the scarves & hat are off the looms & functional.

So here they are – both on the looms & off.

Scarf for Jude on the small long loom.
Jude's scarf - I used a button instead of wrapping it.
Hat on the round loom
The finished hat.
The loose knit scarf on the loom.
The finished scarf.

For details of this challenge, click here.


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