Challenge #3 Italian Nachos – Johnny Carinos Copycat

My favourite dish at Johnny Carinos is their Italian Nachos. Love it. Since it’s still blustery & cold, my Mom & I decided to make these nachos instead of more traditional Memorial Day fare.

I found this recipe online & used it. It was surprisingly simple & the results were wonderful!

It is rich & satisfying. I don’t recommend it as a nightly meal, but for special occasions it is fabulous.

Italian Nachos

I took the photos before we put the Pepperochini peppers on. We served them on the side since not everyone wanted them.


For details of this challenge, click here.

The sun did break through a time or two during the day so we took advantage of it while it did. The boys played soccer/football with Papa & we all enjoyed several games of Original Jarts – you know, the ones that can cause severe injury? Jarts are one of my all-time favourite outdoor games. It took me a while to track down a real set, but I have it now & we love it.


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