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Half Baked


I never thought that I wanted to be a Mom. Then I never thought I wanted to be a stay at home Mom. Along with all that I never thought I would enjoy baking. I’ve changed my mind. I love being a Mom more than I ever thought possible. I love being able to stay home with my boys. I also like to bake! Not as much as I like to cook, but I do like it. My husband laughs because when I used to say I wanted to bake something it meant I would go get a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough & that was how I baked! This week I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch for the first time – yummy. Then yesterday, my older son insisted that we needed to make a cake so we made a banana cake. Very good. I also made homemade pasta for dinner. Wow, I’m like some sort of domestic wizard. You wouldn’t think that if you saw the house!

Today I was fooled not so much by the forecast which was fairly spot on, but by some sort of delusion in my head. I did not dress warm enough. Ah well.

Shrug: Ross
Dress: Target
Shawl: ?
Shoes: American Eagle
Necklace: Gift from my Sister
Denim Jacket: Thrifted

8 thoughts on “Half Baked

  1. LOVE how you tied the shawl around. I never thought of wearing shawls that way. 🙂

  2. High five on the baking! I love to bake. My only problem is being proactive enough to buy the ingredients. Also, the shawl! that punch of color and the placement around the hips is so unexpected. But lovely.

  3. Very very cool necklace! Love this! Very cute!

  4. I love your dress!!! It looks great on you. I contacted the blogger I used the tutorial from to see if she still has it posted, because it looks like she switched from blogger to tumblr. If she doesn’t, I will do a tutorial! 🙂


  5. That shawl is perfect like that! Lovely colour!

  6. I like the way you layered the scarf over the bottom half. It adds another layer of interest and such a great pop of color!

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