30 Days of Creativity – Day 1

Bit of a whirlwind day yesterday – I had way less time than I hoped to create something. Packing for several days away with two little boys surely counts as doing something creative, right? I did take 15 minutes and drew a little picture. I wasn’t terribly impressed with it as my first creative endeavour of the challenge, but I’m glad that I did something. I am anxious to get back to drawing more. I’ve had several people ask me lately if I have been doing anything artistic & it’s made me sad that I haven’t really been doing much. I studied fine art & graphics in the US, the UK & New Zealand.  In my career before I had kids, I did a lot of creative things, but they did tend to sap my own personal creativity. Then when I had my boys I had less time & energy. Those are mostly just excuses. We will do & make time for those things that we want to do.

I’m excited about this challenge & look at it as a way to recharge my creative battery & re-enter the artistic community.

Here’s my first day’s effort:


One thought on “30 Days of Creativity – Day 1

  1. Good luck on your project. It sounds like a great way get in touch with that part that has been underground for awhile. I enjoyed poking around you blog. 🙂

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