The Science of Butterflies

We had a great day today – took the boys to the Pacific Science Center. It was heaps of fun. I highly recommend it whether you have kids or not. I do recommend that you take a packed lunch – it’s expensive if you eat in the cafe! We particularly liked the Physics of Bubbles – got to see a bubble filled with hydrogen explode. I also loved the Butterly Sanctuary – amazing to be surrounded by those beautiful creatures. I may have gone a bit crazy & taken about 50 pictures. Great day out.

I took my outfit pictures in several places today. They aren’t super clear, but it was fun to be in some different places.

On our way to the Science Center - bright-eyed & bushy tailed.


Beautiful Butterfly
On our way home – worn out

 Top: Ross
Jeans: Target
Shoes: American Eagle
Headband: H&M
Necklace: World Market (gift from my Mom)
Ring: Anika Burke


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