Tasty Tuesday – Easter Feast

My family usually plans at least one great, celebratory meal when we get together. Between my Mom, my Sister and me, we come up with a menu and divvy it up. This year for Easter, my Mom found some amazing recipes and we had so much fun putting this meal together.

March 2013 653March 2013 810Grandma and the boys had a great time making and decorating cupcakes and sugar cookies.

March 2013 648Zane may have enjoyed the cookie making more than the others!

March 2013 811Our Easter table.

March 2013 744I made Scotch Eggs. I’ve only seen Scotch Eggs one time in the States. In an English pub and they were asking $9! So glad to find this very simple recipe. Instead of frying them, I baked them at 325F for 30 minutes – even better! They were so yummy and I can satisfy my craving for this UK food. They may be almost too easy to make. The Pickled Eggs and Beets that my Mom made were so good. They were a nice counterpoint to the saltier foods we had – I loved them with the ham.

March 2013 809My Mom also made Artichoke and Egg Dip. It was lovely – would be great for a party!

March 2013 812The Asparagus and Ham Stuffed Potatoes were amazing. Just amazing.

March 2013 813March 2013 814There was also ham and super greens salad from Costco.

March 2013 742My sister works at a bakery and they made some amazing hot cross buns which are one of my favorite Easter traditions. So good!

March 2013 815Here’s to good food, celebrations and time with family!


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