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Make It Monday – Embroidery On the Go

I like to keep my hands busy if I’m watching tv or just hanging out with the boys, but if it’s not easy and to hand at the moment, it’s hard to get motivated.

What I’ve been doing lately is to prep several embroidery designs so that they are ready to go when the mood strikes.

February 2013 336

I keep an eye out for free embroidery patterns online – there are heaps! Lots of great vintage designs. I have them organised on my computer by subject. I also design my own patterns on the computer or hand draw them. For phrases, I just find fonts that I like and use them in the phrase or quote.

I mostly use vintage sheets as my fabric, but I also use white flour sack towels, felt and regular fabric.

February 2013 334

I decide what size hoop I am going to use, size the design correctly on the computer, print it and then use carbon paper to copy the design onto fabric.

Then I put the fabric into a hoop, grab some thread and a needle and I’m ready to go.

February 2013 337

I keep a few supplies in a bag – scissors, thread, needle. I have a hoop with me in my (gigantic) bag with me most of the time so I’ll be ready when I have a few minutes of down time. It’s surprising how many stitches you can get done in five minutes.

Here are a few of my recently completed projects.

February 2013 333

Here are those same projects, and Chess.

February 2013 331

I have three ambitious projects that I will be embarking on soon. Maps of the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Phew! Lots of little details!

February 2013 335

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30 Days of Creativity – Day 13

Had a rough night without much sleep last night – happens way too often on Sunday nights & makes for a yucky start to the week. I really need to get it figured out!

Anyway, I was so tired by the time Zane went down for his nap, I nearly decided to have a nap myself, but I figured that wouldn’t actually help me much & I’d wake up feeling grumpy. So I set out to finish an embroidery project that I started last year & stopped halfway through. I can’t even remember now where I got the pattern – it was a free one off the interweb. 

I settled down with a bit of Braveheart & finished it up around the time Colin got home.

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