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Make It Monday – Post-Christmas Wrap Up

I wanted to share a few things that I’ve made over the last couple of months – mostly things that were made  in preparation for Christmas.

I didn’t do as many handmade gifts for Christmas this year as I usually like to, but I enjoyed making the few things that I did. As always, I hope to be more prepared this coming year and start making things sooner. We shall see.

Anytime I get craft supplies out, my boys want to join in and start creating. In November I did a big craft clear out and got rid of heaps of stuff that wasn’t being used and organized the rest. All of my crafting supplies are stored in the garage since I don’t have a craft room. While I was organizing, the boys saw my jewelry making supplies and were asking repeatedly to make jewelry with me. So one evening while Colin was out, we set to it. It is so fun creating with my boys – I love to see what they come up with.

IMG_20131107_201535 IMG_20131107_200734

I also made a new crop of my repurposed vintage earring rings. My church has an annual Christmas Tea and Boutique and I make rings to sell at the boutique. I love making these rings. The designs are so beautiful and interesting.

IMG_20131125_195316 IMG_20131125_195254 IMG_20131125_195200

For Jude’s first grade teacher, I had Jude making a drawing with a note and then I traced it on to fabric and then embroidered it for her. I think it’s a fun, simple and meaningful gift.


For my sons and my nephew, I created silhouettes along with the meanings of their names and then printed onto book pages. I framed them and I love how they turned out.

December 2013 047 December 2013 045 December 2013 044

I did another printing on book pages project for some friends. They are fox fans so I printed a simple fox onto a book page and then hand painted it with watercolors. Then I wrote their name in calligraphy.

December 2013 043

That’s my post-Christmas creation round-up. Here’s to a creative and more handmade 2014!


30 Days of Creativity – Day 18

We’ve had a very productive day in our house today. Despite the rain, we got our soaker hoses in the ground for the garden – ok, so Colin & Jude did this. I planted all the seeds in the raised beds & transplanted the tomato plant outdoors. This is the latest we’ve ever got the garden going, but I planted shortly before this last year with starts & lost everything to a frost & had to start over. So I decided to wait until now & plant straight into the ground. We’ll see!


My other creative project that Colin helped me with today is one of my most favourite things I’ve ever made. I saw an item through Pinterest on Etsy & I loved the concept behind it. It was a keychain made from pennies from the year you, your spouse & your children were born, but I wanted something more accessory-like. So I scoured the house for pennies, emptied the boy’s piggy banks & found the coins I was looking for. Then I got to thinking that it would be fun to get even more personal & relevant. Colin was born in New Zealand so I am hoping some of our friends or family can find me a penny from Colin’s birth year. Then because we were married in the UK, I found a two pence piece (because there’s two of us!) from the year we were married.

All that to say that I now have a necklace with a penny each from all our birth years & the year we were married & they’re in chronological order from the top down. Drilling the holes in the coins wasn’t easy, but Colin helped & it worked! I’ll cherish this item forever!

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