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I Like Rain

I really do. I don’t like uninterrupted rain for weeks on end, but I do love rain. I’ve lived in tropical countries where the thunderstorms are in intense, fast & sometimes scary. I lived in London where it was sometimes drizzily & would last all day. I lived for a time in Tacoma, Washington – again kind of drizzly. I love it all! Now I live in Bend, Oregon where it’s pretty much sunny or snowy. This Spring we’ve had quite a bit of rain, which is a bit unusual. It’s been lovely.

Today we were scheduled for more yard work. We have a big project underway & neither Colin or I are really into it, but we know it’s good & necessary. Anyway, when we got up it was raining! So I said, “No yard work today!” We all breathed a sigh of relief. Yet another reason to love the rain! So I cleaned my room instead.

Sweater: Walmart
Shorts: Source of Wisdom
Leggings: Target
Boots: Ross
Ring: H&M
Earrings: Forever 21
Umbrella: Target

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So Yesterday Wasn't as Warm as I Thought It Would Be

I was in full-on Spring mode when I got dressed yesterday. Not long after I took my outfit photos, I added leggings – too cold for bare legs! I did have a lady in Costco tell me that I had the best shoes EVER! That’s always nice to hear. I almost didn’t ever try these shoes on because they’re BROWN – shocking! I just don’t really do brown shoes – has a lot to do with the fact that brown shoes & socks were part of my high school uniform. But I love these brown shoes – they are so comfortable & I love the embroidery detail on the heel.

Probably no outfit photos today unless I go to church tonight – it’s a working in the yard day today! Not too excited about it, but I’m excited for the results. Just waiting for Colin & Jude to return from two free projects – one at Lowes & one at Home Depot. If you have kids – the free kid’s workshops there are great!

Top: Torrid
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Ross
Necklaces: Thrifted
Barrett: Gift from family in New Zealand

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Happy Cinco de Mayo

I’m celebrating with that quintessential Mexican classic, “Pride & Prejudice”. Ha! We are having a Mexican feast this evening. Quesadillas & Nachos, maybe we’ll watch Nacho Libre – you never know.

So yesterday, I had an hour between places I had to be & all the things I first thought of to do involved shopping! Then I remembered that there were such places as parks & it was a lovely day, so off we went. A very good choice indeed.

In honor of this beautiful Spring day I wore white, bright colors & flowers. I’m also sporting my vintage-inspired sunglasses from H&M.

A garden at my feet


Shirt: Ross
Skirt: Old Navy
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Target
Sunglasses: H & M
Headband: Can’t Remember

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Challenge #6 Outfit #26

This is it – the last outfit of this challenge. I have loved this so much. I’ve worn clothes I haven’t worn in ages, I’ve stretched myself stylistically. I have a long way to go – still have many clothes in my closet that I need to wear & I need to continue to express my own style without fear.

Having said that, this outfit wasn’t as interesting as I would have liked. Partly, the weather was to blame – it was the first really Spring-like day, but still not very warm. So I’m winter on top, spring on the bottom.

Outfit #26

I especially love my flower shoes from Target – nothing says Spring like flowers!

T Shirt: Target
Sweater: Costco
Capris: Ross
Shoes: Target

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Challenge #6 Outfit #17

We awoke on this first day of Spring to what might (or might not) be the last snow of Winter. There’s not much, but it sure is pretty. It’s also my anniversary! Twelve years of wedded adventure to my handsome, smart & funny Kiwi. 

In honour of our anniversary, I’ve included a wedding picture.

Wedding Day

And in honour of the snow, here’s a picture:

Today’s outfit is very comfortable, but bright & Springy too.

Outfit #17

Outfit #17

Shrug: Lane Bryant
Dress: Target
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Tsubo

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