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Fashion on Friday – November 15, 2013

I’ve been laying low today. My youngest and I are both fighting colds. Bleh. I’m thankful that I had nothing official on the calendar today so that we could rest and watch Project Runway!

Here’s a few outfits from this last week.

Top knot buns are easily one of my favorite hairstyles. Mostly because they’re easy. I finally got to wear this top. I’ve had it for ages, but I actually took the time to do some ironing this week (It’s an annual thing). I don’t like to iron, at all. I do like having more clothing choices though.November 2013 166 November 2013 168 November 2013 170 November 2013 172I got lots of comments from the kids in Jude’s class about my ear cuff. They couldn’t figure it out, but they thought it was cool!

Outfit details: Top – Torrid, Skirt – Ross, Shoes – Payless, Ear cuff – Forever 21

I felt very ladylike in this outfit. A bit twee perhaps, but I hopefully offset it with my funky shoes and tights!November 2013 151 November 2013 153 November 2013 158 November 2013 160 November 2013 163Outfit details: Dress – Ross, Cardigan – Ross, Tights – Forever 21, Shoes – Dirty Laundry, Belt – Forever 21, Ring – Made by Me (Vintage Earring)

I love it when I can talk Colin into taking my photos. My smile is much more natural. There’s a lot of goofiness going on too.November 2013 015 (2) November 2013 014 November 2013 011 November 2013 013 November 2013 029 (2)Outfit details: Dress – Forever 21, Leggings – Forever 21, Shoes – Payless, Necklace – Vintage/Thrifted, Headband – I can’t remember where I got this head band, but I love it!


To The Max

I found out too late that yesterday was Maxi day at Every Body, Every Wear. I was too late to join in on the day, but I was inspired to wear a maxi dress today. I love the colour & pattern of this dress & the denim jacket keeps it from feeling too dressy. I started out wearing sandals, but quickly changed into boots. There will be time enough for sandals when it’s not so cold.

Speaking of denim jackets, I am on the hunt for the “perfect” denim jacket. I’ve had a lot of denim jackets in my life, but they’ve all been & gone. I found the one I’m wearing today at a thrift store & it’s ok, but it’s very stiff & not exactly what I’m looking for. I’m really working hard to not give in to the compulsive shopper in me & buy things just because they are on sale, or because I happen to like the look of something. I know that I can use shopping as a drug because it makes me feel good. Anyway, I’m trying to be more selective in what I buy – thinking about things that will add value to my wardrobe, things that will last & wait if I have to to get them. I’m learning!

Maxi | Everybody, Everywear

Dress: Ross
Jacket: Charter Club – Thrifted
Boots: Groove
Necklace: Vintage – Thrifted
Sunglasses: Ross

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Riding Hood

Yesterday I wore another of my lovely thrift store shawl finds. This shawl is so cozy & warm, has a great shape & some fun details. We had a quiet day with some fun times enjoying the clear (though still cold) weather. I’m excited to start getting the yard warm weather ready. I always start to get anxious this time of year – ready to plant my vegetable garden. However, last year I planted mid-June & still lost most everything & had to replant. I will probably get my starts going in another week or so. I’ve bought my seeds!

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Challenge #6 Outfit #14

I’m quite happy with my outfit today. I’m wearing a shawl that I’ve had in my closet for ages, but haven’t worn – I wish I had sooner – it’s lovely & comfortable & warm. I’m also very happy that I took my photos outside today. I discovered that I have no green clothes! This will have to be remedied, so my nod at St Patrick’s Day was my green earrings.

Apparently I’ve had a thing for knit shawls most of my life! When I was looking at the photos of my outfit today, I remembered some other photos I’d seen of myself, so I hunted them down & included them here.

Love this shawl!

Why haven't I worn this before?

It's freezing, but I'm still going to wear sandals!

Shawl: thrifted
T-shirt & Leggings: Walmart
Skirt: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Ross
Earrings: ??? 

My homage to St Patrick's Day

My sister & I in matching shawls, I'm in blue.

My love of shawls begins early

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