Challenge #6 Outfit #13

I really must do something about the quality of my photos! It’s been snowing & hailing today, so outdoor photos may have to wait a bit longer. I should at least put on some lipstick!

I love my skirt today. So comfortable & different. I’m 13 outfits into this challenge. I am doing 27 completely different outfits this month with no repeats. (I’m not doing Tuesdays because it’s stay at home/laundry day) So far so good, but I can feel myself getting more challenged on days when I’m not feeling creative, or when I’m feeling unattractive & I just want to chose a safe outfit that I can hide in. It’s all good for me.

I think that I dress a bit differently from the norm, but I know that I still don’t push myself as much as I would like. I love clothes & fashion & yet I still hold back. Part of it is living in a smaller town where casual is the norm – even fancy restaurants here have a casual dress code. I lived for years in big cities where people express themselves more in their clothing – that’s part of why I feel so at home in cities. Here, it’s easy to stand out which is a good thing, but sort of intimidating too. I am super inspired by Louise over at Coffee & a Cardigan who is also a small town transplant. She’s got great style & an adventurous spirit!

I’m also a Mom to two rambunctious little boys & comfort has to be way up there on my requirements for my clothes.

All that being said, I will continue to push myself, express myself & challenge myself.

Here is what I’m wearing today:

Outfit #13

For details of this challenge, click here.


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