Challenge #6 Outfit #21

Don’t let the sunshine fool you – we had more snow this morning, it was gone by the time I took my pictures though. We’ll probably skip Spring & go straight to Summer – the joys of Central Oregon!

I have to say that I love hats, I have a lot of hats. However, I don’t wear my hats very often – I just forget, or if I’m at home, they tend to get in the way. That being said, I’m going to try to wear them more often. Because I love them.

I realised after I put this outfit together that there are a couple of items that are repeated – the shrug & the jeggings. I think it’s ok though because they are helping me use another item of clothing that I don’t wear much which is the whole point of this!

Outfit #21

Dress: Ross – shortened by me
Shrug: Torrid
Jeggings: Pure Energy
Shoes: Target

While I was out taking my photos, my youngest son decided to lock the backdoor. That was fun. I pounded on the door for ages until my 3 year old finally came & let me in. Slightly scary, but pretty funny.

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One thought on “Challenge #6 Outfit #21

  1. jeggings have been a new introduction into my closet this year. i was WAY against them….until i tried some on. love at first wear!

    hope thats the last of snow you see for a long time! c’mon spring!

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