Challenge #5 Theme Pillows

I’ve been wanting to make something for my boys. While in the fabric store, looking at all the cute fabrics for kids, I came across a couple of great patterns that I thought would make fun pillows for the boys. I had intended to just make rectangular pillows – nothing fancy.

Recently while feeling quite sick, crashed out on the sofa, I was thinking about getting the pillows done, but wasn’t very inspired by my plain, rectangular pillow idea. So while I wasn’t feeling well, I made a plan for cooler pillows.

I had two different fabrics – one was a space-theme & the other was owl-themed. I decided to make each pillow a simple shape related to the fabric – a rocket ship & an owl. So I drew the shape & cut out the fabric & added a bit of felt & button embellishment to each pillow. Windows for the rocket ship & eyes for the owl. Then I sewed it all together & stuffed them & I think they turned out super fun. They are quite big so they will be great lounging around pillows for the boys.

Rocketship Pillow
Owl Pillow

For details of this challenge, click here.


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