Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed?

What a beautiful morning. And I actually got to sleep easily last night. I have this thing about Sunday nights. It’s weird, & frustrating. For some reason, I often have a difficult time getting to sleep on Sunday nights. My mind is racing, thinking about the week ahead & all that I need to do. I use my phone as a flashlight & write lists or send my self text message reminders of all the things that I need to get out of my head so I don’t forget while the hours go by. However, last night, I just went to sleep & it was lovely. Especially since we went to bed late every other night this weekend & the boys, of course, didn’t sleep in. All that to say, the sun is shining & I am feeling somewhat rested, it’s a new week & good things will happen this week.

I found the necklace I am wearing at Old Navy on clearance & mostly loved the design & not the colour so much. It’s just not a colour I usually go for, but now I love it & I really love it paired with the turquoise of my dress. I don’t wear these shoes often – I got them years ago, super cheap – probably at Payless – I mostly love the square toe.

Shrug: Ross
Dress: Target
Jeggings: Pure Energy
Shoes: Payless?
Necklace: Old Navy


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