Challenge #3 Stuffed Meatballs & Wiggly Hotdog Monsters

This week’s new recipe is Stuffed Meatballs with a side of strangeness. I used this recipe for the meatballs & took a little liberty, not measuring much. I also used ground turkey instead of ground beef or pork. They were so yummy! My youngest couldn’t get enough of them & my oldest liked taking the cheese out of the middle. Colin liked them except for his aversion to “globs of cheese”.  Again, this is an aversion that I really don’t understand, but to each his own. And I definitely could have made a bit more sauce. They take a bit of extra effort, but I loved them! What else could I stuff them with besides cheese? Olives, peppers…

Stuffed Meatballs


I also came across something on Pinterest that I really wanted to try for the boys – I have no idea what to call it besides Wiggly Hot Dog Monsters. There wasn’t a link to where this came from, but there was a picture. Since I was making pasta for dinner & I needed to use up a couple of hotdogs, I thought I’d try it out. They are so fun & easy. My oldest had a lot of fun helping me impale the poor little hotdogs with pasta. In the end though, they weren’t the hit that I had hoped they would be. My oldest ate all the pasta & not much of the hotdog. My youngest spent a lot of time pulling the pasta out & eating the hotdogs. Ah well. Still a great idea!

Before They Became Wiggly Monsters


After They Became Wiggly Monsters

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One thought on “Challenge #3 Stuffed Meatballs & Wiggly Hotdog Monsters

  1. the hot dogs were a great idea if you’re trying to encourage your kids to play with their food.

    As for what else you could stuff a meatball with, how about more meat?

    Cheese can exist in three states, melted, solid and rubbery. It is the third form that I object to.

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