May The Fours Be With You

Today, my firstborn son is four years old. There are a few things that I have a hard time believing.

One, that I have such a thing as a firstborn son. When my husband & I got married, neither of us wanted to have children. It was eight years before we had Jude. It wasn’t an accident either – we simply changed our minds & decided we wanted to have kids. It was a very good decision for us. I have no problem with people who chose not have children, but I am glad that we changed our minds.

Two, how much I love being a Mom. I am tearing up a bit as I write that. I actually cried at my MOPS meeting when I said that to the whole group. It’s true though. It’s been a great journey. It is hard, so very hard sometimes, but it is very good.

Three, that Jude is is four years old! How did that happen? It’s hard to imagine this time four years ago – an induction, 60 hours of labour & finally a C-section & there he was, healthy & strong. There we were feeling out of our depth & happy. Now I look at him & how smart & funny & fun & sensitive he is & I am amazed. Not at anything I’ve done, but at how blessed I am.

A Week Old

Happy Birthday Young Jedi! I love you so much.

Almost Four

2 thoughts on “May The Fours Be With You

  1. He doesn’t look much like a Jedi in the first picture. Well, maybe he looks a bit like Yoda.

    Happy Birthday Jude!!

    1. They all look like Yoda at the beginning… Our kids, too. Hey- we love your kids, by the way. Good work. And the party for the young Jedi was amazing!

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