Challenge #3 Thai Pineapple Chicken Curry

Ok, so you know how when you’re in school, you wonder if you’ll ever need those math & algebra skills & you think, “probably not.” Well, you’re wrong! Or maybe it’s just simple logic or common sense. I could have used all of the above this evening when I was cooking dinner.

I was so excited to make this curry – I love curry in all its many forms & Thai curry is no exception. Add some coconut milk & what could go wrong? Well, in looking at this recipe, it calls for two cans of coconut milk & in my supreme wisdom, I decided that our little family didn’t need two cans of coconut milk, which is all well & good. However, I didn’t halve the other ingredients. I also used a green curry paste instead of red as my Mom had some that needed to be used up & I added carrots as we had some that needed to be used. The result of all this was that at first it was too salty because of too much fish sauce – I countered that with more Splenda which I used instead of sugar. And then finally it was just darn spicy! It did taste very nice, but Colin & I both got a good sinus clear out. While Jude does like spicy food, it was a bit too much for him.

I’ll use this recipe again, I’ll just use it correctly next time & do the math!

Thai Pineapple Chicken Curry

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