30 Days of Creativity – Days 10 & 11

So Day 10 raced by & I didn’t purposely do anything creative – how did that happen? I did make a yummy pasta dinner for my family & a friend – my own recipe – no pictures. I also played a new game & won twice! Does that count?

For Day 11 a big chunk of the day was spent putting together Zane’s big boy bed. We got the same bed that we have for Jude. We love it. It starts as a twin bed with a canopy type thing & converts to a loft bed when they get older. Takes a while to put together, but as with most Ikea products it’s pretty straight forward.

Here’s Zane on his last night in the crib.


It was both exciting & a bit sad with my first son – these milestones that mean they are growing up. With my second son, it’s a hundred times more bittersweet. We are giving away the crib today. No more babies in our home. Sigh.

Anyway, here’s the finished product. Yes, Zane has sparkly tears on his cheeks – due to a disagreement with his brother, I believe.


Zane did great on his first night in the big boy bed. He got up a couple of times after we put him to bed & started playing, but then settled in & slept the night through.


Here’s to things created, milestones, growing up & getting a good night’s sleep…


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