30 Days of Creativity – Day 24

I’m back! Had a couple of days without doing anything intentional – I cooked meals, put outfits together, played with the boys, but none of it felt like an intentional act of creativity. It’s been a really bad week sleep-wise & I think that has contributed to my lethargy. Snapping out of it now though. I had a brief window of opportunity today while Zane was napping & Jude was at VBS, so I got on with it & made a button tree.

I have been wanting to make a button tree for ages. I’ve lately been obsessed with buttons – my grandma used to have lots of crafty things & I was frustrated that I didn’t have a big collection of buttons for the boys & I to make stuff with. So I set out to build my own button collection – Freecycle, thrift stores, family & 50% off buttons sales at Joanns. I’ve now got a great collection going. I originally had them all in one jar, but soon realised they would be more useful if I sorted them by colour. Jude & I had a lot of fun sorting buttons. I think they are beautiful in their jars & inspirational too. I love jars of treasures!

Jars full of wonderful things.


Colourful buttons.


My Button Tree

Now I fully intend to go to bed when the boys do tonight – must get some sleep!


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