Tasty Tuesday – Crescent Rolls & Acorns

Just a couple of tasty treats to share with you today.

First is a homemade chicken salad wrapped in crescent rolls. They were quite tasty – Colin & the boys really liked them. Let’s face it, you can pretty much wrap anything in a crescent roll, bake it & it’s going to be fabulous! I saw the recipe on Pinterest, you can find it here.

My second fun treat, I also saw on Pinterest. It looked so easy & super fun. I actually combined two similar recipes – they are here & here. They were super easy to make, tasted good (chocolate & nilla wafers – what’s not to love?), and were so fun to look at. I used writing icing to attach the chocolate to the wafers, though next time I’ll probably just use frosting or nutella instead.

What tasty treats have you been making lately?


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