Fashion on Friday – First Real Snow of the Season!

Just a couple of outfits this week…

We had our first REAL snow in the night last night. My favourite moment of the day was putting the boys in front of a window, opening the curtains & seeing their eyes light up in wonder & joy as they looked out at the beautiful, white snow. I’ve never seen them get dressed so fast. They bundled up & we headed outside. I started shoveling the snow off the driveway while they played in the yard, but soon enough they wanted to join in & help me. We have one child-sized snow shovel – we definitely need to get another. My littlest used a regular kid’s shovel. It’s not particularly helpful when they help me, but it’s so worth it for the fun and I love that they want to help. When we finished up, they were ready to come inside for some hot cider. It was a lovely way to start the day.

Shrug: Torrid
Dress: Old Navy
Leggings: Walmart
Boots: Ross – love these boots!
Necklace: Vintage/Thrifted – one of my many owl necklaces.
Headband: Ross – needed a bit of colour for this grey & black outfit.
Funny Boy: God

Jacket: Target
Dress: Target
Leggings: Walmart
Boots: Ross
Earrings: Forever 21
Super Cute Kid: God

After running some errands this morning, we’re now snuggled up in the house & the boys are playing with an original Weebles Treehouse – one of my favourite toys as a child. A crock pot full of chili is filling the house with yummy aromas. It’s a lovely day indeed.


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