Make It Monday – Button Christmas Tree

One of our traditions with my sister & Mom is to make a Christmas craft together over the Thanksgiving break. We will often pick a craft together & do the same thing, but this year we each chose to do our own thing. We actually all chose something we saw on Pinterest! What was life like before Pinterest?

Given my love for & collection of buttons, I chose to do a button tree. I saw several versions on Pinterest. Here’s one.

There are so many ways you could go with this idea – different colour schemes, different types of buttons and pins. I chose to go with a rainbow look. Why? Because I love colour & I love rainbows. I was kind of obsessed with rainbows when I was growing up – I had so many rainbow stickers in my sticker collection, it was kind of ridiculous. Pair a rainbow with a unicorn & I was very pleased. Make it a flying unicorn & I was over the moon!

This was a super easy project which was good because I was exhausted when we were working on our crafts. I was worried about running out of buttons, but I need not have worried at all, it was the pins that I ran out of. I was going to do two smaller trees to match, but didn’t have enough pins. We’ll see if I get some purchased & make more trees before Christmas.

Are you creating anything homemade for Christmas?


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