Hello 2013

So it’s always a little awkward when you haven’t posted to your blog for a while, but when it’s been 8 months? Well, let’s just say it might take some time for me to get back into things and for you to get used to seeing me around again!

2012 was an interesting year, a strange year, a good year. I struggled with things, with myself and in the end, I think I’ve come to accept myself more than I ever have. It’s strange how accepting who and what you are can open you up for lots of good things – change, peace, love, hope.

A couple of new things happened last year as well.

My oldest son started school! It was a pretty big deal for us. He wasn’t preschooled, so this felt like a really big deal. He loves school as I suspected he would. It’s been fun for me to get involved at the school in his class and in PTA. PTA? What? Honestly, sometimes I look at my life and I have to shake my head. A mortgage, 2 kids, pets, a minivan and now I’m in the PTA? That’s just crazy talk. Life isn’t exactly the way I pictured it, but it sure is grand.

First Day of School!
First Day of School!

I also am now gainfully employed. I’m working for my church as the Children’s Ministry Director. I love it! Lots of work and it definitely has its challenges, but I get to work some great people and the kids are amazing.

So what does 2013 hold? I still want many of the things that I wanted in 2012, I even managed to make progress on some of them last year. Simplify, be present, enjoy, create, improve.

As far as the blog goes, you can expect to see what I’m crafting and creating, some of what I’m wearing and thoughts on life.

I’m also tackling a challenge of some sort every month. For January, our family is not eating out at all. It takes a bit of forethought, but it’s good.

So, I’m back. Looking forward to the creative challenge of blogging again. Thanks for stopping by!

Me and my boys enjoying the snow!
Me and my boys enjoying the snow!

One thought on “Hello 2013

  1. Sweet words, every day is part of the journey! God has a way of taking us places we would never dream about, and NOT to places we have dreamed . . . He is so good!

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