Fashion on Friday – February 8, 2013

It’s been a bit of a short week for me. My husband and I went away for a few days to Ashland, Oregon as an early anniversary getaway. Next month we’ll have been married 14 years! I’m pretty excited about that. I’ll say something about our time away and those 14 years in another post.

Here’s a look at a few outfits I’ve worn recently…

January 2013 178

When I wore this outfit, I felt tall and willowy. Looking at the photos, I realise I will never be tall or willowy, but I do love this outfit. So comfortable.

January 2013 185

I love my flats – I have quite a few pairs and I wear them year round. I was in need of a pair of black flats and have been looking for ages. I am trying hard to be intentional about my purchasing – not just getting something because it’s on sale, but waiting to find something I love. I’ve passed up heaps of black flats waiting for a pair that I really wanted. I wanted them to have a cool detail. Finally, I came across this pair of Blowfish flats with an amazing bow. I love the Blowfish brand and these were in Ross for a great price. Score!

January 2013 183

Not sure where I got this ring – I think it might have been a gift from my sister. Super fun.

January 2013 182

January 2013 176

Details: Shirt – Torrid, Skirt – Old Navy, Tights – Forever 21, Shoes – Blowfish

February 2013 112

Shorts and tights – one of my favs!

February 2013 119

I love this necklace/collar.

February 2013 121

February 2013 109

Details: Sweater – Old Navy, Shorts – Torrid, Tights – Forever 21, Shoes – Torrid, Collar – Glint and Gleam

February 2013 010

Let’s talk for a moment about taking outfit photos. I usually take my own photos using a tripod and remote. I am definitely NOT a model and have a hard time channeling my inner Tyra. I feel silly trying to come up with poses. I should work on that. Anyway, these photos were taken in Ashland by my husband. It’s much easier to take fun photos when you’re with someone.

February 2013 017

Fun print. Oh, these sunglasses. So fun. My youngest son, who often dresses up as superheroes, calls them my superhero sunglasses. I’ll take it!

February 2013 023

I love the last photo. It’s me and a lamp post! Lamp post!

Details: Dress – Target, Shrug – Torrid, Leggings – Walmart, Boots – Ross, Sunglasses – Target

Hope you’ve had a lovely week.


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