Tasty Tuesday – Baked Tacos and Chocolate Granola Bars

Two quick recipes for you this week. Super easy, but tasty.

The first is baked tacos and seriously, that’s all they are. So easy. Using crisp tacos shells, fill them with meat and cheese (refried beans as well, if you want), stick them in the oven. Yum!

March 2013 447March 2013 448

I used this recipe.

I love no bake oatmealy, chocolately bars and these are amazing! I think it’s the coconut oil. So rich and creamy and wonderful. I didn’t add cranberries as I’m not a big fan of fruit with chocolate.

May 2013 011May 2013 013

My family loved them.

I have seriously gotten into a cooking rut lately. I feel like I haven’t tried many new recipes lately and I’m getting bored! I’m also tired. Get with it girl! I better go have a look at Pinterest.


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