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Photo a Day 2016 – Days 345-366

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Day 345 – Colin and I helped out in the 4th and 5th grade class at church and the kids had to make Nativities out of Play Doh.


Day 345 2016

Day 346 – Getting jars and jar lids ready to our neighbor gifts.


Day 346 2016

Day 347 – Moon Rise.


Day 347 2016

Day 348 – I usually carry a huge bag day to day, but when I go out for an evening, I love being able to use one of the many vintage bags that I have – this one from my sister.


Day 348 2016

Day 349 – We had a big snow storm and I love it!


Day 349 2016

Day 350 – Two days off of school because of the snow required walking to the park to play in the snow and get some energy out.


Day 350 2016

Day 351 – Back to school for one day before the Christmas break. Parties and fun. Jude made a gingerbread house.


Day 351 2016

Day 352 – What a beautiful place we get to live in. Winter wonderland indeed.


Day 352 2016

Day 353 – Icicles.


Day 353 2016

Day 354 – The slushy, messy aftermath of snow.


Day 354 2016

Day 355 – Out looking at Christmas lights with the family.


Day 356 2016

Day 357 – Christmas moments – West Wing, Josh and Leo.


Day 357 2016

Day 358 – Dabbers.


Day 357 2016

Day 358 – Jake, the Snow Dog.


Day 358 2016

Day 359 – Homemade sushi for Christmas Eve Dinner.


Day 359 2016

Day 360 – This boy and this face.


Day 360 2016

Day 361 – The advent Nativity is complete and Jesus is in the manger.


Day 361 2016

Day 362 – Pretty lights.


Day 362 2016

Day 363 – My moon boots. Never got them as a child, but snagged them as an adult.


Day 363 2016

Day 364 – Snowshoeing. Beautiful day.


Day 364 2016

Day 365 – Jude and Zane have been eating the gingerbread house they made at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Jude decorated a couple of pieces for Zane. They said, “I love you, Zane. From Jude”. It’s not always sweetness and light, but my boys do really love each other.


Day 365 2016

Day 366 – Ringing in the New Year with my boys. Final photo in this challenge.


Day 366 2016

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