Photo Challenge 2017 – Week 19: Portrait, Messy

I was thinking about messy portraits – there are so many things that people do to create beauty, art, health, amazing food – it’s messy on one side, the side that most people don’t see and gorgeous and complete on the other side, the side that people do usually see.

The mess is what makes the thing amazing, it’s necessary.

I’m thankful to Kristi, who, along with her family, owns Bad Wolf Bakery and Bistro here in town. They have amazing food and coffee and baked goods as well as being all out Doctor Who fans. Kristi allowed me to come and take her picture while she was making some cookies.

I struggled a bit with my portrait lens on this day, but I’m so glad I got to be in the kitchen with Kristi.

Week 19 3Week 19 1

Here’s to creating and the messes that we make along the way.


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