Photo Challenge 2018 – Week 2

As we were out on a family hike this weekend, I said to Colin how much I love taking pictures. It really does give me so much joy. Capturing moments, being creative, creating a mood. I just love it.

Here are six of the images I captured this week. From my challenge list I got Back Lit, Action – Frozen, Macro, Black and White, Fantasy, Path, and Leap/Jump.

Week 2 1
Back Lit Shrub
Week 2 3
Macro View of River Reeds
Week 2 4
One of my favorite things about this photo is that you can almost feel Jake’s soft fur.
Week 2 2
Black and White, Back Lit Zane
Week 2 5w
Jude on a mysterious Path.
Week 2 6
Lots of fun post-processing here. Action-Frozen, Fantasy, Leap/Jump. Zane flying into action!

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