London – Day 7 – A Narrow Boat, A Picnic, and a Friend from Bend

London – Day 7 – July 16, 2019

Off to Little Venice to catch the London Waterbus narrow boat to Camden. Definitely a wealthier part of town! None of us had done this before and it was fun to try it out and have yet another perspective on the city.

Ready for the narrow boat.
Little Venice

The ride was about an hour and we went through Regent’s Park and a bit of the London Zoo. Lots of history, cool tunnels, lots of duck weed, and crazy huge homes and gardens, one of which is owned by a sheikh though he is hardly ever there which made me a bit sad.

Fancy House
Duck, Duckling, Duck Weed
Me and My Jude
On the narrow boat.

We finished at Camden Lock and were thrust into the craziness that is Camden Market – it was quite cool though. Took the Tube to Archway where we found an Aldi and together we created the most amazing picnic. Pork pies, scotch eggs, ham, rolls, crisps, biscuits, fruit and the pièce de résistance, clotted cream, provided by Graeme.

Made it to Camden.
Camden Lock

We walked up the hill to Waterlow Park and had such a lovely, English picnic. We relaxed, Jude climbed a tree, and we enjoyed the food and each other’s company. Colin may have eaten a lot of clotted cream in an effort to not let it go to waste!

A picnic fit for royalty.
A proper English picnic.
Picnic Time
He’s a climber!
Waterlow Park

We walked to Highgate Cemetary, but didn’t go in. A bit strange that they charge you to go into a cemetary. It’s a beautiful place though.

Highgate Cemetery
Highgate Gate

We walked from Highgate to Parliament Hill and had a lovely view of the city. I’d never been before and it was great to be in the park and get lots of fresh air.

London Town from Parliament Hill
Relaxing on Parliament Hill.

We took some trains, played a prank of Becky (we all got up and moved to another carriage when she went to the toilet) and went to Blackfriars and met Angelina at the Founder’s Arms for a drink. Angelina has been a friend for many years and has taught piano to both of my boys. So fun to see her in London.

Meeting up with Angelina!
Drinks with Angelina at the Founder’s Arms.

Back to Stratford and the playground/pub combo.

That’s Zane in the green shirt, squished into the corner. The boys were Underground Pros.

Forgot to note steps and miles, but it would have been a doozy!


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