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Fashion on Friday – November 8, 2013

I’m back. Just took a wee break from blogging. OK, so it was a really long break, but who’s counting? All is well here in Lamppostings Land. Life is busy and full – mostly with good things. I’ve missed blogging though and it’s important for me to find the time to do it! So I will work at posting more.

I’m back on a Friday so that means fashion. I do so love the Autumn – it means so many more outfit and style options. Here’s a few outfits I’ve worn recently…

Stars in my eyes. I love clothes from ASOS – so amazingly comfortable and fun.

November 2013 001 November 2013 003 November 2013 005 November 2013 008 November 2013 009 November 2013 015 November 2013 016I love these boots. They’re too big around my calves, but they are so comfortable and fun and they come all the way up to my knees.

Outfit Details: Dress – ASOS, Cardigan – Ross, Boots – Lane Bryant, Earrings – from a friend, Fascinator – from the Halloween section of Walmart!

Mega Stripes! Horizontal stripes – I laugh in your face! (Ok, so it’s more that I sort of giggle in your face, but I still love these stripes!)

November 2013 018 November 2013 020 November 2013 026 November 2013 027 November 2013 030 November 2013 029Outfit details: Dress – Forever 21, Leggings – Walmart, Vest – Old Navy, Necklace – Forever 21, Headband – Disney (girls department at Target.), Shoes – Payless Dexflex by Dexter (My sister told me about these shoes at Payless – they are out of this world comfortable. If you have problem feet like mine, you will want to get a pair!)

Rainy days… My two favorite things about this outfit – the necklace which was a gift from my sister and these amazing booties that I happened to have bought while I was with my sister – she’s my fashion good luck charm apparently.

November 2013 032 November 2013 039 November 2013 040Outfit details: Sweater – Old Navy, Shorts – Torrid, Tights – Forever 21, Booties – Calvin Klein via Ross, Necklace – gift from Stephanie, Umbrella – vintage/thrifted.


November 2013 043 November 2013 047 November 2013 048 November 2013 050I’ll add a public safety announcement here – it’s best to remove a floppy, boho hat while driving.

Outfit details: Tunic – Alloy, Jeans – Torrid, Boots – Ross, Lace boot toppers – made by me, Hat – Ross, Earrings – Forever 21

That’s it for now, I’m running late to go pick up my son from school! Have a stylish week!

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Fashion on Friday – July 5, 2013

We’re having some blessed relief from our recent heat wave. It’s lovely. Only 70F in our house.

It’s been a mostly shorts and t-shirts kind of week so I am pulling an outfit from before it got super hot.

I love the lace on this cardigan – the color, the design.

June 2013 011June 2013 013June 2013 015June 2013 018June 2013 010

Outfit details: Dress – Target, Cardigan – Ross, Shoes – Dollhouse, Necklace – Forever 21, Earrings – ?

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Fashion on Friday – June 28, 2013

This is my favorite kind of outfit. Comfortable, cool, functional. It’s an outfit that I feel super confident in. That’s the thing about clothes, at least for me, they can either help you go through the day with confidence or struggle through the day with regret.

May 2013 282 (2)

I’m not big on wearing belts, but I’m good with it in this ensemble.

May 2013 283 (2)

I’m wearing my absolute favorite skinny capris – lovely and tight through the legs and not tight in the waist.

And these shoes, they are fabulous – the colors, the unusual bow.

May 2013 291 (2)

I love the bright blue lace on this dress.

May 2013 293 (2)May 2013 287 (2) May 2013 290 (2)

Outfit details: Dress – Ross, Cardigan – Ross, Belt – ASOS, Capris – Torrid, Shoes – Ross

We’re building a shed, it’s taking forever. We bought a super cheap one so that apparently means you have to do more work yourself. We’re talking thousands of screws.  I’m not a big fan of DIY house projects. I’ll enjoy it when it’s done.

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Fashion on Friday – June 7, 2013

I’m still catching up on some older outfits from slightly cooler weather.

April 2013 104 April 2013 102 April 2013 100 April 2013 098 April 2013 096 April 2013 090

Outfit Details: Shoes – Ross, Tights – Forever 21, Shorts – Torrid, Shirt – Torrid, Earrings – Walmart, Hair Flower – Ross

March 2013 376 March 2013 377March 2013 389 March 2013 386

March 2013 391Is there a secret to tying bows? This bow is a complete hack. I wanted it to be a pretty little bow, but it kept going lopsided. I had to do a funny little knot to make it somewhat straight. Surely there is a secret?

And apparently this outfit is a walking advertisement for Target!

Outfit Details: Shoes – Target, Dress – Target, Leggings – Target, Cardigan – Ross, Earrings – ?

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Fashion on Friday – May 31, 2013

It has been so long since I’ve done a fashion post. So I have several outfits to share. Hang on to your hats – lots of images!

This is what happens when your husband takes your pictures for you, but he’d rather be playing with his boys.

March 2013 434 March 2013 411 March 2013 428

Outfit Details: Top – vintage/thrifted, Vest – vintage/thrifted, Skirt – Old Navy, Tights – Forever 21, Shoes – ASOS

More husband-taken photos.

March 2013 402 March 2013 394

Outfit Details: Shoes – Blowfish, Tights – Forever 21, Dress – Torrid, Shrug – Ross

I wore this outfit when we visited the Oregon Zoo. Super comfy!

March 2013 254 March 2013 252 March 2013 250 March 2013 244 March 2013 249

Outfit Details: Top – Torrid, Shorts – Torrid, Shoes – Doc Martens, Tights – Forever 21, Spaghettios Bag – Fat Fancy, Super Hero Sunglasses – Target

OK – I have more outfit photos, but I’ll save them for later. We’re heading into warm weather and that’s when I start to dress more boringly. I’ll try not to live in the same outfit everyday for the next couple of months.

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Fashion on Friday – Easter Edition

We got to spend the Easter holiday with my sister and her family in Tacoma, Washington. We used the Spring Break time to go to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle – riding public transportation which is one of the boys favorite things. Colin took them to the Tacoma Children’s Museum one day while my sister and I had a day out shopping – he’s a great husband and Daddy!

My sister’s church had services on Saturday and Sunday. We attended as a family on Saturday evening so that my Mom and I could work on the Easter Feast on Sunday morning while my sister and her husband could do the singing and sound engineering thing at church. This meant that I got to wear two Easter outfits! Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Both of my Easter outfits were brought to you this year by eShakti. I love this place/online store. I could just sing their praises. They have super cute clothes in so many sizes and they have the option to completely customize to your own measurements. I bought two dresses and because of a promotion they were having and an additional promo code I got from blogger Pieces of My Earth – I got both dresses with customization for less than the price of one dress originally. I will say to drop at least one inch on your measurements as they do tend to run a bit big.

On to the looks.

Saturday night…

March 2013 684

This dress is so comfortable and has a retro vibe. Very easy to wear and did I mention comfortable? Oh, and it was a gorgeous, Spring day.

March 2013 707March 2013 692March 2013 708

I jazzed it up with some coral tights and for both my Saturday and Sunday outfits I wanted bows in my hair. I looked around in stores and couldn’t find what I was looking for so I raided my sister’s ribbon stash, found an easy tutorial online and whipped myself up a couple of bows.

March 2013 700March 2013 696

My ring is a cheap plastic thing, but I love it. Colin got creative taking pictures.

March 2013 717

Sparkly crystal earrings to match my ring.

Outfit Details: Dress – eShakti, Tights – Forever 21, Ring and Earrings – ?, Shoes – Blowfish, bow – Made by Me.

On to Sunday…

March 2013 785

This dress! There’s not just a retro vibe with this dress – it’s full on retro. The pattern is amazing. This dress is also very comfortable – I suppose that comes from having a dress made to measure.

March 2013 795March 2013 791


March 2013 793

My homemade bow.

March 2013 745

Jude and I kind of rocked in the shoe department.

March 2013 796March 2013 787Outfit Details: Dress – eShakti, Cardigan – Ross, Ring and Earrings – ?, bow – Made by Me, Shoes – Ross

There are so many reasons I love Easter – the first and foremost being Jesus – thank You! Other reasons include Spring, Easter egg hunts, Cadbury Mini Eggs, family, and Easter outfits!

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Fashion on Friday – March 8, 2013

I think I need some skinnier jeans. I love my skinny jeans – wearing them under dresses is one of my favourite looks, but they are a bit baggy in the legs. Must add to wish list.

The following outfit is the only one I’m posting today that I’m not wearing skinny jeans in!

February 2013 174February 2013 172

I made this necklace out of a Scrabble tile and added an “I Love Colin” pendant that I found at Claires years ago when Colin Farrell was particularly popular. I really do love Colin, a lot, just not Colin Farrell. I love My Colin!

February 2013 169

Outfit details: Shrug – Ross, Dress – Torrid, Leggings – Walmart, Shoes – Blowfish

February 2013 157 February 2013 153

Another guest appearance by my youngest. I originally altered this dress for a fashion blogger lace challenge.

February 2013 160This brooch was my great grandmother’s – I love it.

Outfit details: Shrug – ?, Dress – Old Navy with lace added by me, Jeans – Old Navy, Shoes – Ross

March 2013 012

This is one of my favourite outfits. I think it’s fun and comfortable. Still loving these shoes that I waited for. March 2013 010 March 2013 003Outfit details: Shrug – Torrid, Dress – Target, Jeans – Old Navy, Shoes – Blowfish

I wore the next outfit for a day out with my sister in Portland. It was such a lovely day. Full of good food, lots of walking, fun shops, great talks, and city time! So thankful for my sister.

March 2013 016

One of the vintage shops we went to was called Fat Fancy. It’s a vintage clothes shop with clothes in sizes 12+. We had a great time and both found some amazing clothes. March 2013 015 March 2013 013Outfit details: Dress – vintage kaftan/robe altered by me, Jeans – Ross, Shoes – Blowfish, Earrings – Vintage

Wishing you a fashionable weekend!

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Fashion on Friday – February 8, 2013

It’s been a bit of a short week for me. My husband and I went away for a few days to Ashland, Oregon as an early anniversary getaway. Next month we’ll have been married 14 years! I’m pretty excited about that. I’ll say something about our time away and those 14 years in another post.

Here’s a look at a few outfits I’ve worn recently…

January 2013 178

When I wore this outfit, I felt tall and willowy. Looking at the photos, I realise I will never be tall or willowy, but I do love this outfit. So comfortable.

January 2013 185

I love my flats – I have quite a few pairs and I wear them year round. I was in need of a pair of black flats and have been looking for ages. I am trying hard to be intentional about my purchasing – not just getting something because it’s on sale, but waiting to find something I love. I’ve passed up heaps of black flats waiting for a pair that I really wanted. I wanted them to have a cool detail. Finally, I came across this pair of Blowfish flats with an amazing bow. I love the Blowfish brand and these were in Ross for a great price. Score!

January 2013 183

Not sure where I got this ring – I think it might have been a gift from my sister. Super fun.

January 2013 182

January 2013 176

Details: Shirt – Torrid, Skirt – Old Navy, Tights – Forever 21, Shoes – Blowfish

February 2013 112

Shorts and tights – one of my favs!

February 2013 119

I love this necklace/collar.

February 2013 121

February 2013 109

Details: Sweater – Old Navy, Shorts – Torrid, Tights – Forever 21, Shoes – Torrid, Collar – Glint and Gleam

February 2013 010

Let’s talk for a moment about taking outfit photos. I usually take my own photos using a tripod and remote. I am definitely NOT a model and have a hard time channeling my inner Tyra. I feel silly trying to come up with poses. I should work on that. Anyway, these photos were taken in Ashland by my husband. It’s much easier to take fun photos when you’re with someone.

February 2013 017

Fun print. Oh, these sunglasses. So fun. My youngest son, who often dresses up as superheroes, calls them my superhero sunglasses. I’ll take it!

February 2013 023

I love the last photo. It’s me and a lamp post! Lamp post!

Details: Dress – Target, Shrug – Torrid, Leggings – Walmart, Boots – Ross, Sunglasses – Target

Hope you’ve had a lovely week.

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Fashion on Friday – February 1, 2013

I love the stories that clothes can tell. The memories that they can evoke.

Take this dress. Love it, super comfy, bright, fun. It also has a bit missing where a goat had a nibble when we went to a petting “zoo” at the pumpkin patch with our kids and some friends.

January 2013 052

January 2013 070

And the boots. These are my Moon Boots. When I was growing up, I wanted a pair of Moon Boots so bad, but we couldn’t afford them. It wasn’t the end of the world and I got over it, but when this pair of shiny pink Moon Boots crossed my path on clearance many years ago, I knew it was destiny!

January 2013 067

And yes, that is a fabulous 80s pin featuring a rainbow, a lightning bolt and a dolphin. Wonderful!

January 2013 066

Outfit Details: Dress – Torrid, Shrug – Ross, Boots – JC Penny, Earrings – ?, Pin – Thrifted

January 2013 064

Chambray and leopard print. Love this outfit.

January 2013 081

January 2013 084

Outfit Details: Dress – Target, Shirt – Forever 21. Leggings – Ross, Boots – Ross, Earrings – Kohls

January 2013 086

The shirt I’m wearing in the next outfit is a custom-made shirt from eShakti. It’s an online store where you put in your measurements and they will custom make clothes for you. I found that the two things that I have had from them so far are sized a little big so when I get something else, I will drop my measurements by an inch. Anyway, I love the shirt, I will have to figure out a way to alter it so that it fits a bit better. The quality is great.

January 2013 094

January 2013 096

Tights with shorts is one of my very favourite looks.

Outfit Details: Top – eShakti, Shorts – Torrid, Boots – Ross, Ring – Made by Me

This ring is one that I made by upcycling vintage cluster earrings.

January 2013 097

I love this dress! The style, the bird print. I don’t have many things in navy blue, so I wasn’t sure what to wear on my feet, but I think my grey boots work really well.

January 2013 104

January 2013 123

Outfit Details: Dress – Target, Leggings – Walmart, Boots – Ross

January 2013 116

This last dress is the other thing that I had made by eShakti. They were having a good sale and I had a discount code as well. It is amazingly comfortable and of course, I love the owl print!

January 2013 124

January 2013 137

Outfit Details: Dress – eShakti, Boots – ?, Necklace – Vintage/Thrifted

I hope you have had a lovely week and that you are loving what you wear.

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Fashion on Friday – January 11, 2013

I’d just like to reiterate how much I love fashion and clothes. They are not the most deep and meaningful things, but they are fun, they are a great way to express yourself if you are so inclined, and they can have a deep impact on people. I love seeing all the different ways that people clothe their bodies. The world would be pretty boring if we all wore uniforms all the time. People are fascinating and one of the first things we observe about each other is our clothes. If you love something and it makes you happy, wear it! (Within some socially acceptable guidelines please!)

So here’s a couple of outfits I wore this week…



Say hello to Zane! He like to join me when I take pictures. I love this peplum top – I got it from ASOS along with the belt. I wore it with a knit skirt so it actually looks a lot like a dress. I don’t wear belts much, I like them, but I’m still working on getting comfortable with them. Love these shoes – I’ve had them for a couple of years and they are super comfortable – enough to walk quite a bit in. Not slipper-comfortable, because nothing really equals slipper-comfortable.

January 2013 029

January 2013 035

January 2013 033

Now this necklace. Super cool. I got it through Glint and Gleam on the recommendation of Coffee and a Cardigan. Great online shop. Someone saw me wearing it and wasn’t too sure what it was meant to be. Is it a necklace or a collar? Yes!

Outfit details: Top: Asos, Skirt: Target, Tights: Forever 21, Shoes: Forever 21, Necklace: Glint and Gleam, Earrings: ?



I wish I was as photogenic as this kid! Be still my heart.

And just to show you what the weather is like in our neck of the woods (Central Oregon)…

January 2013 039

This is a tub of chalk that was outside, filled with snow, the snow melted, it got cold again and now it’s frozen chalk. Brrrr.

Another outfit…

January 2013 006

I love this shirt. Makes me all kinds of happy. I ordered it online from Torrid, not realising until it arrived and I put it on, that it has pockets! A top with pockets? Yes, please.

January 2013 010

Let’s talk about ankle boots. I wasn’t too sure about ankle boots at first – I thought maybe they made my legs look funny, but now I don’t really care if they do. Fun and comfortable! And I love a good buckle.

January 2013 016

January 2013 013

January 2013 018

January 2013 012

Outfit details: Top: Torrid, Skirt: Ross, Tights: We Love Colors, Boots: Ross, Earrings: Forever 21, Ring: ?

Finally, it’s not much of an outfit post, but here are a couple of accessory details…

January 2013 045

I have a big collection of pins and brooches – some are just pretty or interesting and some have stories or memories attached. I’m not sure where the crest pin came from, but I love it.  The reading pin is from a club of some sort and it’s always good to encourage people to read more! The trolley pin, I’m not sure where I got it from, but I know I have had it for years. I have memories of playing with it when I was about 9 years old and it has travelled with me throughout the years. Love it.

January 2013 041

These shoes have seen me through many years. I found them Ross so long ago, they are Doc Martens. Hey, there’s another buckle! These shoes are comfy, comfy, comfy. When I lived in London, I had a pair of Doc Marten boots. I mean, really, I was a young adult living and working and going to school in London, something would have been wrong if I didn’t have a pair of Docs. Mine were the classic black boots and they were wonderful. It takes about a week or so of good pedestrian wear and tear, a couple of blisters and then they are amazing. I have it on my wish list to get another pair, there are so many amazing styles and colours now, but my heart really yearns for another pair of classic blacks.

So that’s the style round-up for this week. Hope you are wearing clothes that you love and that make you feel fabulous, or adventurous or full of joy. And on days when it’s very cold, sometimes it’s okay to sacrifice style on the altar of comfort, but if you can swing comfort and style – swing away!