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Photo Challenge 2018 – Week 19

We’re a karate family. We all do karate together and have done so for a couple of years. We’re not particularly good at it, but we love the art, both the physical and mental aspects. That’s not to say that it’s easy or that we are all super excited for every class, but it’s been good for our family. My boys participated in a tournament last month and I am just so proud when I see these photos of how far they have come. It takes an incredible amount of courage to get up in front of lots of people, judges and other competitors and perform.

So proud.

Week 19 1Week 19 2

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Photo Challenge 2018 – Week 18


Week 18 1

Beautiful Bend, Oregon

Week 18 2

I often capture Jake’s majesty and handsomeness, this one captures his joy and freedom.

Week 18 3


Week 18 4

Spring has Arrived.