Finding and creating adventures in everyday life.

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Photo Challenge 2017 – Week 33: Artistic, Collaboration

Our Sensei at karate is not only a martial artist, he is also a writer and a fine artist. He is working on a project where he interviews kids about what kind of superhero they would like to be – the backstory of how they got their powers, what their powers are, their outfits, their enemies, etc. Then he creates them as their super hero characters. He interviewed my boys and let me take pictures during the interview. I desperately tried to stay silent during their interviews and only interjected one idea. I was just so into what they were creating with their imaginations.

It was fascinating listening to their ideas as Sensei Brian asked them questions about their Superhero selves. Their personalities came out both in their answers and in their interaction with Brian.

I’ve included quite a few photos because I love the different expressions and responses in the photos.

I’ve included Brian’s final paintings and his notes from interviewing them. He’s also a writer if you are interested in reading some of his super cool stories. The Park Bench. His Instagram is full of his amazing artwork. Brian Sortor

Jude: Here comes INFERNO!! A chemical explosion at his father’s factory imbued his body with the ability to create and manipulate fire. He wears seemingly normal clothes to fit in, but his blue shirt and black pants and his boots are a special poly carbon blend that can resist temperatures of at least 5,000 degrees. He sports a black watch with yellow buttons (that sometimes he keeps in his pocket when artists forget to draw it) and he uses his powers to battle the forces of evil… especially, the infamous “Iceberg,” a man capable of manipulating water and ice to the detriment of all mankind. (Brian Sortor)

012 Week 33011 Week 33014 Week 33010 Week 33009 Week 33013 Week 33jude fire dude

Zane: A superhero finds a mystical ring with the power to transform his body. In battle, he usually takes the form of a wildcat or a wolf. Cats are good for sneaking and fitting through tight spaces. Wolves are excellent hunters and ferocious when they fight.

Zane wears a dark green shirt, a dark green vest complete with tornado chest emblem, dark green pants, and, you guessed it, dark green boots. His outfit comes equipped with a wrist-fired grappling hook, a disintegrator/reintegrator gun, and a helmet styled after the Pokemon character Frogadier.
What superhero is complete without their trustee side kick. Zane is joined on his adventures by his nameless sugar glider. And what is our hero battling? Darkness. For all of those children out there who are afraid of the dark, Zane will be there. For anyone terrified by scary dreams, Zane will be there. (Brian Sortor)
001 Week 33002 Week 33003 Week 33004 Week 33006 Week 33007 Week 33008 Week 33zanefinal
Thank you so much, Brian for letting us be a part of your project and for being a part of my project!

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Photo a Day 2016 – Days 284-318

Day 284 – Just a boy and his companion, Beaver.


Day 284 2016

Day 285 – Sad Face. No Photo.

Day 286 – Jog a Thon at School. High Schoolers came out to cheer on our kids. Looks like Jude had a great time.


Day 286 2016

Day 287 – Sad face again.

Day 288 – Jake stayed with us for a couple of weeks. Love his face.


Day 288 2016

Day 289 – A typical Saturday morning scene at our house.


Day 289 2016

Day 290 – Moonlight through the trees.


Day 290 2016

Day 291 – Stormy sky, autumn tree.


Day 291 2016

Day 292 – The bouquet of flowers that Colin and the boys made me for Mother’s Day – they never fade or die!


Day 292 2016

Day 293 – A childhood rite of passage.


Day 293 2016

Day 294 – Adventures in Cold Brewing.


Day 294 2016

Day 295 – Hey Jude.


Day 295 2016

Day 296 – Pumpkin Patch Shenanigans.


Day 296 2016

Day 297 – Beautiful Boy.


Day 297 2016

Day 298 – This lovely sign is the cause of much marital strife.


Day 298 2016

Day 299 – Checkers


Day 299 2016

Day 300 – The colors of Fall.


Day 300 2016

Day 301 – Zane summing himself up in one word.


Day 301 2016

Day 302 – The view from Black Butte.


Day 302 2016

Day 303 – Experimenting with water blur along the McKenzie River.


Day 303 2016

Day 304 – We rented a cabin on the McKenzie River and it was wonderful – peaceful and recharging. This was our backyard.


Day 304 2016

Day 305 – My wee Hobbits visiting from Middle Earth.


Day 305 2016

Day 306 – Colin and Checkers performing their acrobatic tricks.


Day 306 2016

Day 307 – Kickin’ It.


Day 307 2016

Day 308 – Sunsetting.


Day 308 2016

Day 309 – Our Middle Earthian Family.


Day 309 2016

Day 310 – Pom Pom


Day 310 2016

Day 311 – Cool Twilight Clouds


Day 311 2016

Day 312 – Crackling Leaves.


Day 312 2016

Day 313 – Clouds over Pilot Butte and the boy’s school.


Day 313 2016

Day 314 – Hazy gradient.


Day 314 2016

Day 315 – Homemade sushi dinner with Vietnamese spring rolls.


Day 315 2016

Day 316 – Making stuff with the amazing Dojo Ladies.


Day 316 2016

Day 317 – Night Sky.


Day 317 2016

Day 318 – Sometimes you wait a long time to do something. And then one day, you do it.


Day 318 2016

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Photo a Day 2016 – Days 269-283

Day 269 – Had a lovely tea party with the family.


Day 269 2016

Day 270 – Missed it. Dang it.

Day 271 – Practice, practice, practice.


Day 271 2016

Day 272 – Zane at a karate class – mostly focused.


Day 272 2016

Day 273 – Autumn has arrived.


Day 273 2016

Day 274 – Ya gotta have faith.


Day 274 2016

Day 275 – Checkers.


Day 275 2016

Day 276 – Out with the Girls for a birthday treat. Had absinthe for the first time and it was amazing.


Day 276 2016

Day 277 – Sometimes your kids struggle and get stuck, it’s hard to see. Then they work hard and overcome it. Jump the hurdle Zane!


Day 277 2016

Day 278 – Sad face, another miss.

Day 279 – Jude surrounded by some of the things he loves. Books about science, karate, Minecraft, his video camera tripod.and fancy drink stirrers.His room is also a mess.


Day 279 2016

Day 280 – Block man, just having a chill out.


Day 280 2016

Day 281 – My lovely book necklace that my sister gave to me.


Day 281 2016

Day 282 – First pumpkins of the season!


Day 282 2016

Day 283 – Cool clouds over the Lava Lands.


Day 283 2016




It’s one of my greatest desires that my children are inspired to create. I am a firm believer that everyone is creative – it may not be artistically, but everyone is a creative being. So I love it when my boys make stuff – whether it’s a tower made out of Legos, a chalk drawing, a Crayon Physics puzzle, a culinary “creation” or a drawing. I want to honour their creativity & display it. This is an age-old conundrum – we parents want to display the art, but there’s a lot of it! I take a lot of photos of their creations, but it’s fun to actually keep some of the art work & put it up in the house.

It’s such a fun time with Jude because all of the sudden he’s doing all these drawings that actually look like what he’s trying to draw. He’s having a blast with it too. His imagination is blossoming.

I came across this idea on Pinterest, loved it & decided to recreate it with a few changes. I also saw this idea & wanted to give it a go – I ended up just writing on canvas with puffy paint & really liked how it looked.




I have another idea for displaying paper artwork that is non-standard size that I plan to put in place this weekend. I’ll post pictures when it’s up & ready to go.

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Less Than a Month to Go & Thinking Artistically

I’ve made it over two months without buying anything that wasn’t a household necessity, plus a few things for Zane’s upcoming birthday. It’s been tough at times, but mostly it’s kind of a relief. Knowing that I’m just not allowed to buy stuff eliminates guilt & worry about whether I really need something. I do have my list of things that I will buy when I’m allowed again. I am definitely more mindful. Looking forward to making it through the next month & seeing if I have actually changed.

In other news, I have cracked open my sketchbook & it is good. Since the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge, I have made it a point to open my sketchbook everyday & either draw something or make plans & notes for future art projects. I haven’t seriously considered doing anything like an actual art piece for a long time. I’m having ideas for sculptures, paintings, graphic art. It’s exciting for me. My next challenge will be to actually create these things that I am thinking about. It’s daunting, but I am thrilled to be in this mode again.

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Here I Go…

I’m in a bit of a rut. I love my life. It’s different then I ever thought it would be, but it’s good. I am married to my best friend – he’s fun, funny, super smart & creative. I have two amazing boys who keep me on my toes. I am blessed to be able to stay home with my boys & I don’t want to take that for granted.

I have lots of ideas for things to do with the boys, some of them happen, some don’t.  I have lots of ideas for things that I want to do personally & creatively, some of them happen, a lot of them don’t. I respond well to challenges & competition. So I am setting out on an adventure to do more, be more & have a lot of fun. Hopefully along the way I will grow & learn.

My challenges will cover fashion, style, home-making, cooking, crafting, creating and physicality as well as some deeper issues of the spirit and soul.

Join me if you will & let me know if you want to join in on a challenge.